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Adding value to your company through professional employee training

Adding value to your company through professional employee training

How can professional training support your organisation?

Having highly qualified, well-trained personnel is vital to the success of any business or organisation. Empowering your people with the knowledge they need to fulfil their roles confidently and effectively not only boosts employee performance but also increases individual and corporate productivity. And of course, by investing in professional training, organisations ensure that they fulfil any legal requirements to have certified personnel in key roles.

Naturally, professional training helps employees improve and broaden their knowledge, skills, and qualifications. By offering professional training courses, you prove your commitment to your employee’s personal development, show them a pathway to career progression within the company and retain staff more easily.


Why choose TÜV SÜD as your professional training partner?

TÜV SÜD offers a wide range of professional training courses, including synchronous training courses such as instructor led training and virtual instructor led training (VILT) as well as asynchronous trainings such as e-learnings, webinars, and learning platforms, covering a wide range of topics from work safety to quality management as well as high-level management programs and Master programs.

Our flexible approach to training means you can benefit from individual, or group courses delivered in your local language, at a time that suits you, in person or online. All courses are led by specialist instructors with years of first-hand, practical experience.

If you are looking for more bespoke training that is relevant to your industry, TÜV SÜD can call on a pool of specialist experts across a range of highly technical sectors: from automotive and medical to environment and energy. They deliver high-level, industry-specific training courses that are certain to meet the needs of your organisation.


Specialist TÜV SÜD training courses

TÜV SÜD offers a range of professional training courses reflecting the sectors and topics in which our expertise lies:



What does a typical professional training course from TÜV SÜD look like?

Our training courses are anything but typical – as a corporate client, you can choose from a range of training options to meet your company’s needs. We offer professional training courses that lead to recognised national and international qualifications as well as university degrees and certificates.

Subject to the number of participants, our expert trainers can teach your employees face-to-face in a mixed group at our local TÜV SÜD Academy, in virtual classrooms over the internet or with a group of colleagues at your own premises.

Courses can be anything from one day trainings to qualification programs across several weeks, depending on the subject matter and your individual requirements.

Alternatively, with our range of e-learning courses, your employees can learn at their own pace whenever it is convenient for them.



TÜV SÜD professional training is available in local languages across multiple time zones. Choose your country or region to learn more about the training courses available where you are. 

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