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Fire Protection Engineering and Natural Hazard Analysis

Manage fire and explosion risk at your facility

What is FIre Protection Engineering and Natural Hazards ANalysis and why are they important?

Fires, explosions and natural hazards are unpredictable events that typically result in significant property damage and financial loss. It is important to properly identify and manage exposures to these risks to minimise potential losses. Specialised tools and expertise are required to properly evaluate and identify the severity, potential property loss, and business impacts. To ensure adequate property coverage, companies require extensive technical and risk property engineering know-how to satisfy increasingly strict insurance requirements in an accurate and timely manner. Organisations need to effectively manage their exposure to fire and natural hazard risks due to increased regulatory activity, higher levels of public scrutiny and stricter insurance requirements.

TÜV SÜD helps you minimise your fire and explosion property losses.

TÜV SÜD engineers have pioneered advances in fire protection and applied their in-depth expertise to develop new methods that address these escalating concerns. Each assessment identifies key non-structural recommendations and we suggest remedial actions to help minimise property loss exposure, reduce open recommendations and lower overall property risk.

what does fire protection engineering and natural hazards analysis involve?

  • Property loss control inspections

    TÜV SÜD conducts thorough physical inspections of property and provides fire protection and alarm testing services. We offer detailed loss prevention and underwriting reports, loss expectancy development (APL, PML, MFL), recommendations with cost/benefit analysis and CAD (computer-aided design) diagrams.
  • Underwriting assessments

    We offer property inspections, narrative-style reports with COPE data supplement and property schematic or diagram updates.
  • Modelling output review

    Our experts review model run outputs to identify red flags, next steps, priorities, recommendations and suggestions. We review outputs from all recognised models (AIR, RMS, EQECAT) and conduct a comparative analysis of past model runs and current/different model runs.
  • Supplemental services

    We support your fire protection activities with services that include impairment monitoring; standards development and database management; new construction, project specification and plan review; business interruption and interdependency studies; loss investigations and litigation support; and design support and bid package preparation. Our experts also assist with evaluations of emergency preparedness procedures as well as emergency training programme development.
  • Natural Hazard Analysis and Monitoring

    TÜV SÜD offers analysis and documentation for all natural hazards and reviews data regarding event probability (seismic activity, flood maps, weather wind patterns), loss expectancy, monitoring of hazard activity and how to mitigate these exposures.

  • On-site evaluations and risk assessments

    We conduct extensive on-site field reviews of clients’ facilities and operations to identify possible risks and outline loss expectancies. Our experts formulate risk mitigation procedures with cost/benefit estimates.
  • Corporate and site-level preparedness planning

    We work with clients on cost-effective preparedness plans specific to their occupancy and individual facilities, review new construction specifications, develop emergency response plans and implement training programmes to prepare employees.


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