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Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

How can vulnerability scans enhance the security of your data?

Vulnerability scans are automated processes that check IT systems for weaknesses. The vulnerability scanner transmits data to the system to be tested via a network connection. The responses it receives are evaluated using a vulnerability database and checked for weaknesses. Unlike risk-based processes such as penetration testing, vulnerability scans focus on comprehensive testing.The procedure is based on automated scans run by special software.

Protect your data from cyberthreats

As the IT industry continues its rapid pace of development, companies find themselves in need of advanced security measures. Cyberattacks on IT systems are becoming increasingly specific – and increasingly automated.

Through a vulnerability scan you can:

  • Minimise the risk of your IT systems falling prey to cyberattacks
  • Protect your company data – and thus your company’s success

How can we help you?

We offer automated testing of pre-defined IT systems for existing vulnerabilities in the form of our TÜV SÜD Vulnerability Scan.

A vulnerability scan can be performed via the Internet in simulation of an external cyberattacker – but also via your company’s in-house network. We design our vulnerability scan in line with your needs.

Once the scope of the scan has been defined and your order has been placed, our IT security experts start the scan. The scan tests for approximately 30,000 known vulnerabilities. Our experts monitor the entire process of the scan.

When the vulnerability scan is complete, we document the results in a detailed report. Depending on the system tested, the report includes a list of the vulnerabilities detected, their classification as potential hazards, and recommendations on how to stop these security gaps.

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