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TÜV SÜD [email protected] Online-Print Certification Mark

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Process & System certification / Voluntary assessment

Basis for Certification (certification standard):

Proprietary TÜV SÜD standard including industry-specific criteria catalogues for B2C online retailers and B2B online retailers supplemented by specific criteria catalogue for Online print shops

Standard owner:


What does the standard TÜV SÜD [email protected] Online-Print cover?

The standard TÜV SÜD [email protected] Online-Print defines requirements for safe and transparent online print order processes. These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete and consistent information on payment options, shipping costs, goods/services offered, cancellation policy, contact details, data protection, etc.
  • Correct and transparent function of shopping cart, ordering process and user/customer account, if applicable
  • Use of encryption methods in line with the accepted rules of technology
  • Reliable handling (and if necessary cancellation) of orders as promised by the online supplier
  • Provision of appropriate customer service
  • Systematic approach to the creation and continuous improvement of the contents and functions of the online print shop
  • Technical and organisational measures aimed at data security and data protection

  • What does “certification” and/or the issue of a certification mark for TÜV SÜD [email protected] Online-Print by TÜV SÜD Sec-IT GmbH mean?
    • The customer has submitted to voluntary assessment (audit) according to defined criteria (certification standard).
    • A certificate and/or the authorisation to use a certification mark are only issued if the assessment (audit) does not reveal any major nonconformities with the requirements of the certification standard.
    • The certificates and/or certification marks are valid for a restricted period of time. Interested parties can check the validity of individual certificates at
    • To maintain certificate validity, the certificate holder must undergo annual announced audits as well as brief assessments during the year with a positive result.
    • Unannounced audits are possible in specific cases.
  • How do we audit?
    • Professional online assessment
      Assessment of the online print shop from a user's or customer's perspective (including test order).

    • Online server check
      Assessment of the online print shop from a “hacker's” perspective, covering the web application and the online print shop's IT systems that can be reached online.

    • On-site audit
      Assessment of the “behind the scenes” processes associated with the online print shop.

    • Online-Print Assessment
      Assessment of the Web-to-Print functions and the product generation from a user’s persepective, incl. test orders for an assessment of the quality of the online print process.
  • What is beyond the scope of certification according to standard TÜV SÜD [email protected] Online-Print?
    • [email protected] Online-Print certification is no product certification. Certification thus does not provide any direct statements on the quality of a product or service offered in the certified online print shop. Certification according to TÜV SÜD s[email protected] Online-Print does not mean that the online print shop offers products or provides services of higher quality.
    • [email protected] shopping Online-Print certification does not constitute an audit or certification of the entire organisation that operates the respective online print shop (i.e. it is not a company certification).
    • Certification does not include in-depth assessment of all partners integrated in or linked to the online print shop and their applications (e.g. payment service providers, logistics partners).
    • [email protected] Online-Print certification cannot guarantee 100 % certainty and security in online shopping, even though this is one of the key objectives of the standard [email protected] shopping Online-Print.



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