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White paper

White paper

New Smart Industry Readiness Index Prioritisation Matrix to bridge gap between Industry 4.0 awareness and implementation

While many manufacturers’ understanding of Industry 4.0 and its potential value has grown steadily, they have been unable to translate their acquired knowledge to actionable transformation plans. Manufacturers that completed the Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessment Matrix also reflected the same uncertainty regarding next steps. This gap between awareness and implementation is usually due to companies lacking an overall Industry 4.0 roadmap.

The Smart Industry Readiness Index Prioritisation Matrix builds upon the Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessment Matrix, which was launched in November 2017. It is developed as a management planning tool by the Singapore Economic Development Board with TÜV SÜD as one of the partners to guide manufacturers worldwide prioritise focus areas and digital initiatives based on their facilities’ Industry 4.0 maturity and current financial performance.

Why download the white paper?

  • Gain insights about the various barriers manufacturers face with the adoption of the Industry 4.0 concept
  • Get an overview of how this new framework help manufacturers to translate knowledge into action
  • Find out how this tool can assist manufacturers to stay relevant and competitive in an increasingly digital age

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