Equipment Qualification for Nuclear Power Plants

Equipment Qualification for Nuclear Power Plants

White paper

White paper

Ensuring the compliance of safety-critical nuclear equipment

As the world moves away from traditional fossil fuels towards clean energy alternatives, demand for nuclear power has risen. With both developed and developing countries expanding and refining their nuclear programmes, energy providers are faced with the challenge of producing plants that comply with national and international quality and safety requirements while remaining on-time and on-budget. 

Through equipment qualification, project owners can assure themselves of their nuclear power plant’s safety and resilience in any event. 

Download this white paper written by TÜV SÜD experts, and get exclusive access to the latest insights on how you can make your nuclear equipment compliant.

Why download the white paper?

Learn more about equipment qualification for nuclear power plants through our white paper, which covers:

  • Challenges in qualifying equipment
  • Phases of the equipment qualification process
  • What you need to do in each phase of the process

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