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Recycled content testing and verification for textile and footwear industry (Session 2)

Sustainability Webinar Series

Sustainability Webinar Series



With conscious consumerism on the rise, many companies are using environmental claim on their apparel and footwear articles. It sometimes makes it difficult to differentiate between products that are genuinely environmentally friendly and those that aren’t. This is increasingly true for recycled content claims in a market where importers and brands want to create higher value-added articles for environmentally conscious individuals. How do you then substantiate these recycled content claims? TÜV SÜD can help ensure that your products live up to the recycled content claims, giving your business an extra edge. 


watch the webinar to get first-hand knowledge from our expert about:

  • Circular economy and sustainability agenda
  • Major challenges faced in textile and footwear industry
  • Regulatory trends
  • Recycled content verification and testing
  • Recycled polyester testing
  • Q&A



Sandeep KhatuaDr. Sandeep Khatua

Webinar Host

Sandeep is a product safety and compliance expert in the consumer goods industry. Sandeep heads the technical support function in the US market. He provides supply chain solutions to North American customers and represents TÜV SÜD at various trade organizations through speaking engagements. Sandeep holds a Ph.D. in fiber & polymer science at the University of California, Davis.



NataliaDr. Natalia Duque Ciceri

Head of Global Sustainability Services, TÜV SÜD

Natalia leads the TÜV SÜD global product service sustainability team driving circular economy innovation projects and product development. She has 13 years of industry and academia experience on environmental sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment, managing projects with OEMs, manufacturers, industry associations, NGOs and governmental bodies to inform strategies and decisions on products sustainability.


R. MahalakshmiR. Mahalakshmi

Technical and Operational Expert, TÜV SÜD

Mahalakshmi is a general manager and technical head for South Asia in TÜV SÜD. She has 25 years of vast experience in technical and operational activities of chemical, mechanical and restricted substances in non-food labs. Mahalakshmi is a lead and technical assessor auditing 100 labs as per ISO/IEC 17025 and a technical trainer for the industry infield of restricted substances and ZDHC. 


Jane Li

Senior Engineer, TÜV SÜD 

Jane Li is a senior engineer of product service Softlines. She is part of the Center of Excellence team and mainly responsible for technical support and new business development. Jane has more than 16 years working experience in 3rd party TIC industry. She is the technical certifier, report reviewer and factory inspector in the Softlines product scope. She is also the auditor of recycled content verification under the Softlines scheme.

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