Tech Thursdays

Tech Thursdays

Industry 4.0 offers many promises for all manufacturing sectors. But often times, manufacturing leaders are left grappling with the questions such as:

  • How do I start my transformation journey?
  • How are others in my industry responding to the emergence of disruptive technologies?
  • How to I prioritise my transformation initiative and start deriving RoI soon?
  • How do I scale and sustain my transformation to excel in the digital race?
  • What are some of the tangible benefits of implementing advanced technologies

To answer these questions, we are excited to bring you the Tech Thursdays with TÜV SÜD webinar series. The webinar series will be hosted by our Industry 4.0 experts and will be aimed at providing the attendees the insights based on our experience of working with over 400 manufacturing companies on:

  • The latest trends in Industry 4.0 adoption specific to your industry
  • How to improve on the industry specific quality, productivity, speed and flexibility KPIs using Industry 4.0 principles
  • Use cases and case studies on the use of artificial intelligence and robotics in manufacturing




Fundamentals: Overview of Industry Industry 4.0 in different sectors  

Industry 4.0 as the lever to ensure Business Continuity in your company 

Manufacturers are facing operational and supply chain disruptions as countries around the world are tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. The disruption is driving manufacturers to rethink their operations to increase resilience and future-proof their business. This webinar will discuss how Industry 4.0 principles can help manufacturers achieve those objectives. 


Navigating the evolving pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape with industry 4.0

In the last one year, Pharma and medical devices companies have evolved more rapidly than ever before. Two things happened, the pandemic and the convergence of advanced technologies. This webinar will provide insights on how Industry 4.0 principles are helping pharma manufacturers navigate this changing landscape


Re-inventing your Chemical Value Chain with Industry 4.0 

Chemical industry provides raw materials to almost every manufacturing sector. Therefore, dynamics of chemical sector has cascading impact on broader manufacturing community. This webinar will provide an overview of how Industry 4.0 is catalysing transformation of the chemical value chain. 


Reimagining Oil & Gas equipment manufacturing in the new energy era

The oil and gas industry is dealing with disruptions more than ever with increasing price volatility, fast-changing energy sector and the push for renewable energy. Equipment manufacturers currently serving the oil and gas Industry need to adapt quickly to compete more effectively in this new energy era. This webinar will discuss how Industry 4.0 helps manufacturers turn agile and be ready for this new challenge.

Focus: Overcoming sector-specific challenges with Industry 4.0 (Sept - Oct)
Deep Dive: In-dept view of Industry 4.0 technologies and their application (Nov - Dec)

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