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COP26 Webinar Series

Running alongside the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, TÜV SÜD is hosting a webinar series during which experts tackle some of the key topics such as climate neutrality, renewable energy, sustainable supply chain & verification of carbon emissions.

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From carbon footprint to climate neutrality

2 Nov 2021

Global warming and climate change caused by anthropogenic activity are no more theoretical speculation but reality. Society, governments, institutions, and companies are already adjusting their strategy and implement concrete action (e.g. Fit for 55 in EU, USA goal for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035, China aims 'carbon neutrality by 2060). Mitigation of global warming requires that the economic activity will become to a large extent, "Climate-neutral“. But what does "climate neutral" exactly mean?

Georgios AgrafiotisGeorgios Agrafiotis


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11:00 AM CET      

Renewable fuels of non-biological origin and green hydrogen

4 Nov 2021

The term “Renewable Fuels of non-biological origin” (RFNBO) is mentioned in the EU Renewable Energy Directive II. What are the concrete requirements to be accepted as RFNBO? How can it be proven that the requirements are or will be fulfilled? Which certifications schemes are already in place and which further options are possible to market green hydrogen? Due to the very young topic on the regulative side for hydrogen many questions are open and shall be resolved quickly. For producers of fuels, hydrogen and their derivatives and even more for traders and users of renewable fuels it is very relevant to know about their opportunities and risks.

Klaus Nürnberger
Head of Energy Certification


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11:00 AM CET


Sustainability in supply chain

5 Nov 2021

Its divers and its multinationals make supply chain one of most challenging wheel when it comes to sustainable management & application. However, for companies and operations of all sizes, from SMEs to large global conglomerates across all industry branches, from city to country level, there are doable implementation methods that encourage behaviour changes in procurement toward fair working conditions, environmental friendliness. Framework is to set up the scene, tools are to help evaluating impacts, standards are to monitoring the progress, ensuring the quality & transparency. The webinar will provide some insights of existing methods and point out the benefits of being active in the field. 

Diep Russ 
Climate Action Certification


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11:00 AM CET

How local carbon emissions are verified and future improvements become visible through validation

8 Nov 2021

LCA, CFP, PCFP, etc. is not all that TÜV SÜD Group can offer in the field of “decarbonization”. With VERIx TÜV SÜD compares a BASELINE (status quo; past) with one or more PROJECT LINE(s) (planned status; future) and can confirm the respective development path of the planned CO2 reduction to the customers. Customers can anticipate planned changes (and associated investment) and do not have to wait to evaluate operational changes with the rear-view mirror.

Pascal Gaillot
Director Sales, Green Production & Decarbonization


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11:00 AM CET



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