Chromium (VI) in Leather, Footwear and Leather Products


Chromium (VI) in leather, footwear and leather products

The growing global demand for leather products has been accompanied by the implementation of strict regulations in major markets around the world intended to help protect consumers against potentially dangerous chemicals.

As greater awareness regarding the potential toxicity of exposure to chromium (VI) increases, leather manufacturers and producers will find that comprehensive testing and quality assurance measures to reduce the risk of chromium (VI) contamination can ease market access and increase acceptance of their products by consumers. 

Key topics covered: 

  • Get an overview of how leather products become contaminated with Chromium (VI).

  • Find out what are the regulations related to Chromium (VI).

  • Gain insights to how you can avoid Chromium (VI) formation to ensure product safety.

About the speaker

Dr. Benedikt Hendan
Team Leader, Chemical and Softlines Testing - TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH, Frankfurt a. M., Germany

Dr Benedikt Hendan has over 5 years of experience as the laboratory manager of the Chemical and Softlines laboratory of TÜV SÜD Product Service in Frankfurt a. M., Germany.
In his role, he is responsible for the testing of leather, footwear and textiles and support customers inter alia in creating RSL and trouble shooting. Furthermore, he is a member of the Chromium (VI), RSL and testing methods working groups of CADS (CADS – Cooperation at DSI – deals with the subject of hazardous substances in shoes and actively seeks to prevent their use). Moreover, Mr Hendan holds a Doctor of Natural Sciences degree in Chemistry at the University of Paderborn.

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