Principles for risk-based fire protection strategies for Li-ion battery cell production

Technical Report

Technical Report

The global battery demand is expected to grow by 25% annually to reach 2,600 GWh in 2030. With growing use cases everyday, Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) production is ramping up to meet the global demand. Without proper fire protection measures within the LIB cell production facility, thermal runaway, an exothermic reaction due to abuse during production process, can lead to an electrochemical chain reaction that results in fire, explosion and toxic gases with a rapid propagation to other LIB cells and/or production parts.

This 37-page report is jointly published by Siemens and TÜV SÜD.

Siemens and TÜV SÜD are linked by a long-term cooperation and partnership. Both companies have intensive experience in the field of fire protection and have spent the last couple of years investigating the fire behaviour of LIB cells as well as providing and reviewing appropriate fire protection concepts whilst also being pioneers in developing and expanding the state of the art fire protection methods for LIB cell production. 



  • It provides principles of structural and technical fire protection strategies for the production of LIB cells in Europe.
  • It serves as a guidance for the best practice with respect to the steps to be followed when safeguarding a LIB cell production line regarding the risk-based fire protection and hazard evaluation.

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