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TÜV SÜD Safety Quick Charge mark for PCD products

Portable Computing Devices are now everywhere. People become more and more rely on their smartphones, and thus rapid charging technologies become a basic function in smartphones. People ask for convenience brought by rapid charge technologies and also concern more on the safety of rapid charging. Therefore, as a leading international testing company TÜV SÜD are eager to offer worldwide testing services for various kinds of Portable Computing Devices.

TÜV SÜD Safety Quick ChargeTÜV SÜD has developed and released a Safety Quick Charge Certification Mark on the charging system for Portable Computing Devices with rapid charging capability, implemented by using higher voltage and current than basic USB specification, supplied by dedicated external power adaptor to charge on battery by varies power transfer protocols, including Smartphones, Tablet Computer, Laptop Computer, Portable Multimedia Player and some specified-purpose PDA device.

The products intended to be certified have to be tested in different scenarios of quick charging system assembled with specific portable computing device, cable and USB power supply source, and evaluating on proper functioning of quick charging, achieving sufficient electrical and mechanical durability, and also robust electrical and thermal protections for battery charging. In addition, according to the customer need, we are also delighted to offer some other bespoke services tailor made for additional quality assurance on battery charging system. From providing battery lifecycle test, battery abuse tests to performance testing under various climatic conditions, we strive to help our customers improve processes as well as products.

Further services Portable Computing Devices with rapid charge technology

The new quick charging technology brings consumers convenience and efficiency but the charging safety is often underestimated. TÜV SÜD will continue to offer further testing solutions for PCD products with rapid charge technology, such as testing the battery life and performance, performance testing under various climatic conditions, safety evaluation on wireless transfer technologies.

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