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Servicing and operating charging points correctly

A well-developed and extensive infrastructure of charging points is imperative for electric vehicles. The number of electric charging points is on the rise in both public spaces and private properties. However, expert servicing and maintenance of these charging points requires specialist expertise. TÜV SÜD Academy now offers new training courses in this field.

Owners and operating companies of charging points for electric vehicles should provide comprehensive training for their staff, ensuring that their employees are not exposed to any unnecessary risks due to high voltage and can supply professional servicing and maintenance for the charging points. This requires in-depth expertise, a challenge faced not only by owners and operating companies of public charging points but also by owners of private properties.

TÜV SÜD Academy now offers a new training course on “Initial and periodic testing and inspection of electric charging points” to address this challenge and provide a tailored training offer. The course targets planners, installers, owners/operators and trained electricians with vocational electrical engineering training who test and inspect electric charging points.

Training content at a glance:
◾Fundamentals of initial and periodic testing and inspection
◾Electrical systems up to 1000V
◾Portable electrical equipment
◾Inspection of electrical installations and equipment
◾Electrical hazards
◾What to do in case of electrical accidents
◾Structure of charging post / wallbox
◾Practical assignments / tests and inspections on charging points
◾Final exam including closing meeting.
The two-day course teaches participants how to carry out initial and periodic testing and inspection expertly, safely and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In group exercises, participants practise how to efficiently carry out various measurements on different types of charging points. The participants also discuss various practical problems. The hands-on approach to the various types of testing and inspection makes it easier for participants to use their new knowledge immediately in practice.

The current dates in 2019 and 2020 for training courses in initial and periodic testing and inspection of electric charging points can be booked at (only available in German). All initial and continued training offers and the programme of TÜV SÜD Academy are available online at:

Press-contact: Sabine Krömer

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