Complementary BIM Model Check

Get a free IFC open BIM Model Check and TÜV SÜD quality report for your project

Get a free IFC open BIM Model Check and TÜV SÜD quality report for your project

What is BIM Model check?

TÜV SÜD open BIM Model Check is a quality benchmark for Industry Foundation Class (IFC) projects/IFC models. It provides transparency and neutral quality check for building owners, consultants and contractors. 

With 70 rulesets, the BIM model check answers the three major questions:

  • Are your project BIM models properly authored and coordinated?
  • Are your IFC models forming strong basis for BIM use case?
  • How can you optimise your IFC models before the next official handover/submission? 

Get a basic BIM model check for free now!

get a basic BIM model check in just 3 steps


The Free Open BIM Model Check contains:

  • A project review and BIM model validation based on the TÜV SÜD open BIM Quality & Compliance Rulesets
  • TÜV SÜD coordination report in Excel format that enables filtering and identifying of all issues.   See example of the coordination report
  • BCF report that can be plug-n-play into any authoring tool, enabling rapid take-off and integration of TÜV SÜD’s findings into project information models 

Check out TÜV SÜD's BIM model check guide for the IFC model requirements before submitting your BIM model.

The benefits of BIM Model Check

  • Optimise BIM authoring, coordination and management for open BIM / IFC projects

  • Save time with TÜV SÜD's proven best practices for open BIM / IFC projects and ISO 16739

  • Form close-knitted BIM project management thanks to the combination of the most important quality and risk benchmark

  • Obtain high credibility and neutral BIM review by TÜV SÜD supported by well-known experts

  • Gain easy to understand outputs for building owners, investors, consultants and contractors through TÜV SÜD project certificate and digitally ‘plug-n-play’ issue reports based on Solibri’s coordination report and BCF

Read more on TÜV SÜD BIM Model Check. 


TÜV SÜD’s BIM experts and project auditors have compiled 70 rulesets covering quality and risk items in four areas:

1. Model Structure & Integrity: Validate core measures of proper Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) for IFC on trade level and federated model level. Avoid incorrect/incomplete model federation and information take-off.

2. Modelling Guidelines: Review important component-related model specifications. Ensure accurate component and project structure to avoid time and cost intensive re-modelling due to missing information. 

3. Information Requirements: Check trade- superordinate IFC code alignments, requirements and Level-of-Information (LoI) specifications to ensure that correct IFC setup is implemented at any trade and component. Avoid the use of faulty, inconsistent or doubled information during quantity takeoffs, construction scheduling, layout planning and calculations of pipes, ducts and etc.

4. Geometric Requirements: Examine trade-specific federated coordination, analysability as well as geometry plausibility to ensure that spatial and geometric assessments (e.g. clash detections) are carried out on accurate models. Avoid incorrect geometry analysis. 



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