BIM Consulting and Advisory with TÜV SÜD

Learn how we help you achieve success and best Return-of-Invest with BIM

Learn how we help you achieve success and best Return-of-Invest with BIM

TÜV SÜD provides BIM Consulting and Advisory via a global network of experts who combine technical building know-how, business and process consulting expertise, and technology experience. BIM Consulting and Advisory by TÜV SÜD helps you to define the best feasible and profitable BIM strategies to implement proper Exchange Information Requirement (EIR) and BIM Execution Plan (BEP) as well as to optimise CAPEX and OPEX of your building.

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sharingWe aim to meet your BIM needs wherever you are.

  • If you are thinking about implementing BIM in your company but are struggling to calculate the true financial impact according to the best working technical scope of BIM, we help you validate processes, ROI, risks and implementation roadmaps.
  • If you are starting a construction project but are unsure of the BIM maturity level of local consultants and contractors, our BIM procurement team advises on BIM contracts and specifications, such as Exchange Information Requirement (EIR) and BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
  • If you require advice on which BIM technologies will enable the best work at your organisation, our BIM technology experts validate and benchmark the best tool for your organisation and project ecosystem.

Our BIM Consulting and Advisory team supports the implementation of Building Information Modelling in your organisation and maximises BIM quality in your construction projects. TÜV SÜD BIM consulting and advisory experts partner with key departments of your organisation, including Construction, Investment/Finance, Quality Assurance, IT, Facility Management and Operations.


Meet our international BIM team


Our ultimate goals: make you and your team BIM champions and internationally recognised influencers for Digital Built Environment. BIM Consulting by TÜV SÜD enables you to deliver the best-in-class projects that underpin your status as successful, innovative and reliable builder or investor.

TÜV SÜD BIM consulting services

BIM consulting_perspectives

TÜV SÜD’s BIM experts provide a wide range of consulting and advisory services to support your BIM transformation. These include:

  • Development of a customised BIM strategy for your organisation in compliance with local or international BIM standards, such as PAS1192, ISO 19650, ISO 41001 and others
  • Validation of key profitability terms and major quality drivers for BIM, and consulting to define the best-fit BIM strategy including roadmap and milestones for your BIM transformation
  • Assessment of your current technology and I.T setup, provide advice on which BIM technologies will best drive productivity, quality, and profitability
  • Technical, technological and financial analysis of different BIM ecosystems suitable for your projects such as native Revit (Autodesk) and/or Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), or COBie
  • Advisory on workflow optimisation with BIM and definition of the best organisational setup to achieve required benefits of BIM
  • Consulting on BIM specifications and requirements for your targets, including Exchange Information Requirement (EIR), BIM Execution Plan (BEP), Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP) and modelling guidelines on Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), and native Revit projects specifically made for your contractual setup and project ecosystems
  • Advisory and integration of Information and data standards for BIM, especially for Level of Detail (LOD) and Level of Information (LOI), including BIM2FM / BIM2CAFM integration
  • Building up training and knowledge roadmap, provide advise on training and rollout plans for BIM
  • ISO 19650 compliance check and verification of your organisation and projects against international BIM quality and maturity
  • Enabling tendering success for your BIM projects by tender consulting through TÜV SÜD BIM procurement specialists

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Benefits of working with TÜV SÜD BIM Consulting and Advisory

teamTÜV SÜD BIM services help you by:

  • Giving you access to international experts with a proven project track record and relevant accreditations. When you choose our BIM consulting services, you will be working with highly experienced BIM professionals with knowledge of different building types and local norms/standards
  • Financially strengthening your company by using BIM or other technologies such as Common Data Environments (CDE) or Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) for your business
  • Optimising project workflows in terms of productivity, time-to-completion, CAPEX and OPEX
  • TÜV SÜD BIM Consulting and Advisory experts give you clear, impartial and easy to understand advice that you can trust to ensure quality, acceptance and reputation of your BIM team, BIM Standards and BIM projects

TÜV SÜD BIM services across building lifecycle

BIM services

TÜV SÜD provides your organisation with a comprehensive range of BIM services. From BIM management to training to strategy, we support your BIM transformation every step of the way.


  • Read more about TÜV SÜD BIM Consulting case studies

    TÜV SÜD BIM consulting experience

    To know more about TÜV SÜD BIM consulting experience, get in touch with the team now or drop us an email at [email protected].


    BIM Consulting for German Ministry

    case study

    • The largest asset holder with more than 33,000 self-operated buildings including high security assets.
    • Combined technical, financial, compliance and technological benchmarks to validate powerful BIM use cases for 6,000 BIM projects to be started between 2020 and 2028.
    • Supporting the development of Federal High rise BIM Standard including the use of multi-ministry and multi-country embracing Common Data Environment (SAP based).
    • Development of AsBuilt BIM requirements including Legal Operational Compliance and Integration into SAP systems, such as FI, RE/FX, PS and others.

    BIM Consulting for Global Chemistry Corporate

    case study

    • Development of a native Revit Corporate BIM Strategy for new and re-constructions embracing more than 700 office and laboratory buildings.
    • Development of Exchange Information Requirement (EIR) and BIM Execution Plan (BEP).
    • Tender and procurement consulting including validation and check of potential consultants and contractors.
    • Project ramp up including Revit professional training for appointed consultants and contractors.
    • Development of Automated Code Compliance and Model Checks for cleanrooms.
    • BIM2CAFM consulting embracing development of CAFM-fit AsBuilt BIM requirement.
    • Integration of a Common Data Environment including operations and maintenance applications

    BIM Consulting for Ministry in Brazil

    case study
    • Development of IFC-based BIM Standards including templates for Exchange Information Requirement (EIR) and BIM Execution Plan (BEP) dedicated for social housing projects.
    • Development of Automated Code Compliance and Model Checks for IFC projects.
    • Building up a BIM Project Management Office on behalf of the Ministry covering 7 FTE BIM advisors.

    BIM Consulting for Rail in Germany

    case study

    • R&D to develop a new IFC and Infraworks / Civil 3D based standard workflow and a BIM software for Automated Design Solutions for linear rail projects depending on the speed index of the railways.



    BIM Consulting for Media Company with 12 multi-asset campus sites in Europe

    case study

    • Development of Exchange Information Requirement (EIR) and BIM Execution Plan (BEP).
    • Embracing BIM2CAFM advisory and integration of the BIModels into the CAFM system (eTask), covering both IFC and RVT models.
    • Consulting and training of the appointed BIM consultants and facility managers.
    • Implementation of BIM360 Design as central platform for simultaneous design processing across internal architects and engineers and contractors.

    BIM2FM Consulting for Global Corporate- one of the 10 largest corporates with 2,800 buildings across the globe

    case study

    • Completed BIM Consulting for CRE future operations.
    • Development of new lifecycle, embracing KPIs, transformation roadmaps and ROI for processes, technology, building/systems, contract types, etc.
    • Development of roadmap for technology transformation (BIM, CAFM, IoT, BMS, CDE, GIS).


    BIM Consulting for European Agency with self-operated campus sites across Germany, Austria and the Netherlands

    case study

    • Feasibility study of different BIM and CDE ecosystems to best-fit the operation & maintenance processes of offices and high security buildings.
    • Creation of BIM tenders on behalf of the agency.



    BIM Consulting for TÜV SÜD ASEAN Headquarter in singapore

    • IBPDevelopment of Exchange Information Requirement (EIR) and BIM Execution Plan (BEP) of Singapore‘s first Digital Twin project.
    • Project ramp up including training and auditing of the appointed consultants and contractors.
    • Development of BIM2Field services and Scan-2-BIM models.
    • Development and audit of AsBuilt BIM models with integrated COBie.
    • Read more about other building digital services for TÜV SÜD @ IBP.

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  • Read more about BIM Consulting and Advisory

    What is BIM consulting and advisory?

    BIM Consulting and Advisory is a mix of strategic and tactical activities that are aimed at implementing BIM into an organisation or integrate BIM into a project. BIM Consulting and Advisory looks at the relationship between the economic aspects of your company or project, the technical project and building requirements, and the use of technology. BIM Consulting and Advisory is both relevant for IFC and RVT projects.

    TÜV SÜD’s BIM Consulting and Advisory team selects financially appropriate implementation fields for BIM, develops a BIM strategy and develops step-by-step plans for your company. We also help you to create technical BIM procurement documents as well as BIM quality measures for your projects. In combination with the TÜV SÜD Academy, we develop training and knowledge concepts when providing BIM Consulting and Advisory too.

    As part of our BIM Consulting and Advisory, we work out where digital transformation using BIM will achieve the greatest success. We then accompany you throughout your BIM transformation with technological, financial and engineering know-how.

    Providing clarity and guidance for your BIM transformation

    From BIM strategy to BIM specification, we answer your key questions about Building Information Modelling:

    What do TÜV SÜD’s BIM services do for your organization and projects? We help you choose the right setup and select the milestones you can use to measure the most feasible and profitable BIM processes and technologies. We also match the BIM strategy to your growth, risk, sustainability and quality strategies. This ensures compliance with ROI targets and Risk scenarios though business and process validation.

    Is BIM right for your context? We help you assess ‘how much’ BIM maturity you can expect in your region and from consultants and contractors today and in the future. Our procurement and market benchmark experts also advise on what you need to do to achieve tendering success for BIM projects and what BIM complexity you can expect for design and construction.

    What information and data streams do you and your service providers really need in each lifecycle phase? We help by providing a data and code compliance team who support you to use data in your core processes in all project and operating phases on time and without loss.

    Which technologies are needed for the implementation of your BIM strategy and which tools offer the greatest ROI? We help by providing technology experts who can validate and re-define your IT ecosystem for BIM-readiness.

    How do TÜV SÜD BIM consulting teams work with you?

    BIM can only be successful if it is clear what your expectations are, in terms of quality, sustainability, investment and ROI targets. Therefore, TÜV SÜD BIM Consulting and Advisory begins by defining your specific goals. We also assess how BIM ‘fit’ your company currently is.

    Based on this analysis, our BIM experts determine where digitisation and the use of BIM make sense for your individual conditions, project goals and local market abilities. We then help you to develop a BIM strategy tailored to your company. This includes step-by-step plans and technical BIM requirements, such as:

    • Exchange Information Requirement (EIR)
    • BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
    • Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP)
    • Modelling Guidelines specifically customised for your projects

    With our systematic approach and the combination of financial-, technical-, technology- and workflow-related consulting on BIM, TÜV SÜD BIM Consulting and Advisory services enable you to make the most of your digital transformation.

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