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DocLab solutions

Create legally justified documentation

What are the DocLab solutions?

DocLab is a comprehensive service which helps manufacturers and service providers create easy to understand and legally compliant documentation. Providing clear and transparent guides and manuals can be complex, challenging and time-consuming, and unclear information can lead to incorrect interpretation of product usage. TÜV SÜD’s DocLab services ensure your documentation follows the highest industry standards, helps complex businesses produce easy to use guides and manuals and accompany you in optimising your internal editorial processes.

DocLab encompasses three specific services:

  • DocReview – an inspection service of product-related user information and manuals

  • DocCert – for conformity check according to IEC 82079-1

  • DocCertSystem – a customised auditing of your editorial processes

Why is document assessment important?

There are multiple benefits from assessing your documentation and the processes around its creation:

  • Understand editorial requirements, interpret them correctly and develop practical and clear content
  • Discover weaknesses and inconsistencies in documentation and address these early
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legal and standard requirements regarding safety and user-friendliness pertaining to technical documentation for different kinds of products
  • Demonstrate compliance of your technical reports with an officially recognised TÜV SÜD certificate and test mark
  • Improve and optimise your editorial processes
  • Improve the experience for your end user and create consistent knowledge for your after-sales management

TÜV SÜD’s DocLab services are widely respected and recognised

Our DocLab services are widely used across industries, by businesses both large and small. Our expert editorial staff can conduct in-depth analysis of your documentation and provide critical feedback on how to improve it. In receiving our internationally recognised DocCert certificate and test mark you demonstrate user-friendly documentation and strengthen your reputation.

TÜV SÜD’s DocLab testing and certification services

Depending on the kind or documentation you produce, our services can be adjusted to meet your requirements. We offer:


User information is checked by us on the basis of a reduced catalogue of requirements based on product-relevant standards and guidelines.

  • Tests of basic requirements for user information according to principles of IEC 82079-1
  • Testing of safety information according to the American standard ANSI Z535.6
  • Testing basic requirements of safety and riskless usage with machines according to machinery directives 2006/42/EG and DIN EN ISO 12100
  • Testing according to general safety catalogues e.g. compliance with minimum instructive safety and specific product standards
  • There is no certification and no award of a test mark included

DocCert services

The test is carried out on the basis of a specially developed catalogue of requirements.

  • Conformity assessment according to IEC 82079-1 “Preparation of instructions” and other subject-specific standards like ANSI Z535 and DIN EN ISO 12100
  • Application testing to assess how well the instructions suit your product
  • Evaluation of test results and creation of technical reports
  • Testing results with information on optimisation are recorded in a technical report and a list of measures
  • Following successful completion of the test, the test mark can be obtained. The test mark is valid for 5 years


The auditing of an editorial process is carried out on the basis of a specially developed test program.  

  • Pre-audit for defining your requirements and audit preparation
  • Auditing of your editorial department including relevant process
  • Following successful completion of the test, the test mark can be obtained. The test mark is valid for 3 years
  • Annually follow-up audits monitor compliance with processes


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