Consumer trust is key when you manufacture or retail products that are part of everyone’s daily life. Building trust starts with ensuring your brand’s quality, safety and sustainability. TÜV SÜD can support you in adopting a holistic approach to product safety and quality – from design to delivery.

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Consumer Products and Retail Essentials

Consumer Products & Retail Essentials

Consumer trust is key when you manufacture or retail products that are part of everyone’s daily life

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Global labelling handbook for apparel footwear and accessoires

Global labelling for apparel, footwear & accessories

Ensure full labelling compliance with our Global labelling handbook.

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Global Market Access

Quick access to global markets for electrical and electronics

Overview of compliance requirements for electrical goods.

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Internet of Things (IoT) for a connected world
White paper

Internet of Things (IoT) for a connected world

Learn about IoT cyber security threats and regulations and how TÜV SÜD can support in ensuring safe and secure Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT) devices

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IECEE CB scheme

5 things you need to know about IECEE CB scheme

Learn about the CB scheme to export your electrical and electronic products more quickly around the world.

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sustainability softlines webinar

Textile & Footwear Industry: Recycled content testing & verification (Session 1)

Learn how you can substantiate recycled content claims in the textile and footwear industry.

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Microplastics testing infographics

What you need to know about microplastics from textiles

Find out how you can mitigate the effects of microplastics in the environment

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ETSI EN 303 645 Cybersecurity for Consumer IoT

Find out what the ETSI EN 303 645 standard is and why it’s important for consumer IoT products and devices.

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Cybersecurity requirements Radio Equipment Directive

5 key points about the new cybersecurity requirements for RED

RED specifies cybersecurity requirements for wireless devices, coming into force on August 1, 2025.

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