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UNIFE and TÜV SÜD entered a contract on the updating of the list of applicable legislation

UNIFE and TÜV SÜD have entered a contract with the purpose of providing UNIFE and its associated organisations CER, EIM, EPTTOLA, ERFA, UIC, UIOP, UITP, UIORR as well as UNIFE itself with an updated list of all applicable legislation for railway manufacturing, maintenance and refurbishment, also known as the “listing of directives relating to RFU-PLG-013”.

UNIFE and TÜV SÜD entered a contract on the updating of the list of applicable legislationAll of the mentioned entities will sign an agreement allowing TÜV SÜD to provide this service. This will enable the manufacturers to provide constituents, subsystems and other deliveries for the European market that comply with all the required directives within the EU.

Earlier, TÜV SÜD executed this task within the NB Rail organisation as NoBo and was obliged to check that the Applicants were focused on meeting all the European legislation. Since 1 January 2016, this obligation has been transferred to the manufacturers themselves.

This will enable the manufacturer to know in-depth which requirements they need to meet in order to provide for the European market. It will also make it possible for the market entities, e.g. rail operators and infrastructure managers to more easily obtain constituents and supplies that already meet the EU requirements instead of them having to prove this after the purchase.

Instead of each manufacturer/supplier doing the same work, this has been brought up to the highest level within UNIFE in order to provide all its associated parties with this list and thus, TÜV SÜD has been requested to continue this task in order for everyone to meet the European legislation.

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