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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Denmark: Announcement of the law on environmentally friendly design of energy related products 


The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Supply of Denmark has announced the LBK No. 1093 of 01/11/2019 act on environmentally friendly design of energy-related products. This statutory order incorporated regulations of 1068 of 15 September 2010, with the amendments that follow from section 29 of Act No. 455 of 18 May 2011, § 27 of Act No. 580 of June 18, 2012, Section 25 of Act No. 86 of January 28, 2014 and Section 1 of Act No. 1876 of December 29, 2015. This act implementing EU Directive 2009/125/EC of 21 October 2019.

The purpose of the Act is to promote the development and use of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly energy-related products with a view to limiting energy consumption and environmental impact during the life cycle of the products. 

The Act covers all types of energy-related products that are placed on the market, as well as components and subcomponents thereof. This act does not apply to commissioned copies of an energy-related product)

Requirements for energy-related products is as follows:

  1. The responsibility for an energy-related product in accordance with the law and rules laid down by law or an implementing measure rests with the producer who markets the product or its representative.
  2. Where the producer is not established in the EU / EEA and there is no representative, the responsibility shall be borne by paragraph 1. 1 importer.
  3. If there is no importer, the liability shall be borne by paragraph. 1 any natural or legal person who puts the product on the market or uses it commercially.

[1] Energy Related Products 

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