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Your regular update for technical and industry information

EU: CEN publishes toy standard EN 71-3:2019

APRIL 2019 - Relevant for: Toys and children's products

On 10 April 2019, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) published a new version of toy standard EN 71-3:20191 on migration of certain elements. The Members of the CEN have to adopt the new standard and publish their own national version no later than 31 October 2019.

Noticeable changes include the acceptance of alternative methods of analysis and revision on Chromium (VI) limit value 0.053 mg/kg2 for category 3 materials which will take effect from 18 November this year. The quantification limit (LOQ) of the new analysis method has been lowered to 0.0025 mg/kg. The result of Chromium (III) concentration has also been changed to be calculated by subtracting the concentration of Chromium (VI) from the total Chromium concentration.

Highlights of the changes to the new EN 71-3:2019 are summarized below.

  • Updated several terms and definitions as well as the list for reagents and apparatus;
  • Revised the rationales and inserted a new one for dewaxing;
  • Restructured and updated the procedures on sampling and sample preparation, such as the removal of sieving and changes on dewaxing;
  • Added a new annex introducing visual particle size comparison materials;
  • Updated test method for Organic tin with an improved detection limit and repeatability;
  • Modified methods for filtration;
  • Elaborated methods for pH control;
  • Alternative methods of analysis and modifications to the methods are now acceptable, provided that their performance can meet the requirements;
  • Replaced the limit value for Chromium (VI) for category 3 materials with the upcoming one;
  • Revised the calculation of the result of Chromium (III).

[1] EN 71-3:2019

[2] European Commission Adopts Lower Chromium VI limit in Toys, May 2018


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