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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Singapore: Environmental agency tightens control of mercury-added batteries

February 2018 - Relevant for: Electrical & electronics

Singapore National Environmental Agency (NEA) announced in the circular1 to strengthen the control of mercury-added batteries under the Environmental Protection and Management Act (EPMA)2. Effective 31 March 2018, the manufacture, import and export of non-compliant batteries will no longer be allowed. However, existing stock of such batteries manufactured or imported prior to the effective date are allowed for sale until the stock is depleted.

See table below for the comparison of current and upcoming control of batteries.

Current Control

Upcoming Control (effective 31 March 2018)

The following batteries are not allowed for local sale:

  • Mercury oxide batteries

  • Zinc carbon batteries containing mercury > 0.001% by weight per cell

  • Alkaline (exclude button cell) batteries containing mercury > 0.025% by weight of per cell

All batteries including button cells containing mercury > 0.0005% (5 ppm) by weight per cell are not allowed.


Importer or traders of standalone batteries are required to submit a one-time declaration of compliance3 with supporting documents. For products containing batteries, the declaration of compliance is required upon request by NEA. Traders are also required to declare the import and export TradeNet® permit applications4 using the HS and product Codes in the Annex of the circular.

[1] Circular NEA/HS/6.6 published on 3 Jan 2018
[2] EPMA, Chapter 94A
[3] Template of the declaration letter
[4] TradeNet® on the customs website

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