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Your regular update for technical and industry information

USA: CPSC publishes final rules for custom window coverings


On 28 November 2022, CPSC issues a Final Rule1 for Safety Standard for Custom Window Coverings to prevent deaths and serious injuries from strangulation.

The final rule established a new federal safety standard, 16 CFR 1260, for operating cords on custom window coverings. Custom window coverings include shades, blinds, curtains, drapery or other cord-operated products, created to a consumer’s specifications. The Commission also approved an associated Final Rule2 that added non-compliant window covering cords to CPSC’s substantial product hazard list 16 CFR 1120.3. (Effective 28 December 2022.)

Key requirements of the 16 CFR 1260:

  • Requirement that each operating cord on a custom window covering complies with section 4.3.1 or, instead of section 4.3.2, of ANSI/WCMA A100.1—2018.
  • Requirements and test methods for rigid cord shrouds, when they are used to comply with § 1260.2(a).
  • Requirements for cord retraction devices, when they are used to comply with § 1260.2(a), to make an operating cord inaccessible.
  • Requirements for loop cord and bead chain restraining devices, which are intended to prevent the formation of a hazardous loop

The rule also requires manufacturers’ certification per rule 16 CFR 11103 and to test at a CPSC-accepted third-party laboratory when the product is for children.

The new standard goes into effect on 30 May 2023.



[1] CPSC Final Rule on Safety Standard for Operating Cords on Custom Window Coverings 

[2] CPSC Final Rule on Substantial Product Hazard List: Window Covering Cords

[3] 16 CFR 1110

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