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Your regular update for technical and industry information

USA: Revision to safety standard for infant bouncer seats


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has approved a direct final rule1 updating its safety standard for infant bouncer seats to incorporate the latest revisions to the ASTM voluntary industry standard F2167-222, with no modifications. This new rule will become effective on 19 December 2022 unless CPSC receives significant adverse comments by 6 October. 

The federal rule codified the standard for infant bouncer seats at 16 CFR Part 1229. The mandatory standard includes performance requirements, test methods, and requirements for warning labels to address hazards associated with the use of the products. 
ASTM F2167-22 revised the wording in warning labelling language for suffocation hazard and fall hazard for infant bouncer seats. Changes include the removal of “even if baby falls asleep,” the plain explanation of consequences of using an infant bouncer seat as a sleep surface, clear instruction to stay near and watch children during use, the specific guidance that the product is “not safe for sleep,” and the explicit directions to move the infant to a safe sleep product such as a crib or bassinet. 
CPSC staff concluded that the substantial changes in the latest revision to the standard improve safety. The revision provides consumers with clear and concise instructions that infant bouncy seats are not intended or safe for sleep and also guidance that is consistent with the CPSC messaging about the importance of placing sleeping babies on firm, flat sleep surfaces.


[1]  Federal Register/Vol. 87, No. 171, 6 September 2022 

[2]  ASTM F2167-22

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