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Your regular update for technical and industry information

USA: CPSC updates safety standard for frame child carriers


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a direct final rule1 on 1 September 2022 amending its safety standard for frame child carriers to incorporate the latest revisions to the ASTM voluntary industry standard F2549-222, with no modifications. The revised standard will take effect as the new mandatory standard on 3 December unless CPSC receives significant adverse comments by 3 October.

The mandatory rule for frame child carriers is codified under 16 CFR Part 1230. The standard addresses the falls of a child occupant from a child carrier that has a frame and is worn on the back of the caregiver’s body (with the carrier and child suspended from both shoulders of the caregiver). CPSC noted that users of frame carriers are children, able to sit upright, unassisted and weigh between 16 and 50 pounds.

In June 2022, ASTM informed CPSC of the 2022 revision of voluntary standard F2549 on frame child carriers. The Commission sought input on whether the revision improves the safety of frame child carriers. Public comments closed on 30 June, and CPSC did not receive any comments.

CPSC staff assessed the changes to the standard from ASTM F2549-14a to ASTM F2549-22. They found the substantive changes made in F2549-22 introduce more stringent requirements or more stringent test conditions for flammability, leg hole openings, dynamic strength tests (to evaluate product durability and strap slippage), static stability tests, and torque tests to evaluate graspable parts.  Overall, the changes increase the stringency of requirements that ensure safe retention of the child occupant, ensure the flame resistance of the product, and ensure parts do not separate and pose choke hazards.  No aspect of the revision materially reduces safety. The non-substantive changes made in F2549-22 regarding safety for frame child carriers also do not impact safety because they are editorial in nature or modify a nonmandatory note that merely provides explanatory material. Therefore, CPSC staff concluded that these changes improve the safety of frame child carriers.


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