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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Thailand: Approvement of Industrial Standard TIS 60268-7 on Sound System Equipment - Part 7: Headphones and Earphones


Approved (coming into force on Oct 22, 2022)

On 23 June 2022, the Thai Ministry of Industry published an Announcement No. 6647, 2022 to approve the Industrial Standard TIS 60268 Part 7-2565 on Sound System Equipment - Part 7: Headphones and Earphones. The standard covers headphones, headsets, earphones and ear-sets which are intended to be used on, or in, the human ear. It also applies to equipment, such as pre-amplifiers, passive networks and power supplies which form an integral part of the headphone system.

However, the standard is not applicable to:

  • safety, which should refer to IEC 62368-1 or other appropriate standard;

  • the characteristics of the microphones used with headsets, for which should be referenced to IEC 60268-4;

  • earphones and other hearing aids which should refer to IEC 60118-0;

  • headphones for hearing testers;

  • headphones and other devices that are part of ear protection system, although some requirements may apply.

The standard also specifies the characteristics which the manufacturer should include in the specifications, and relevant measurement methods, including different classification of the different types of earphone. In principle, there will be characteristics according to the method in which the transducer is associated with the ear and the classification code which may be used for marking.

In addition, the standard provides general, scope, reference documents, definitions, classification, design and coding, marking of terminals, controls and polarity, user instructions, conditions for requirements and measurements specific characteristics and measurement methods, etc.

This announcement is expected to enter into force on 22 October 2022.

Publication link:

Thai Government Official Gazette No. 139/145N, 23.06.2022


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