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USA: ASTM approves updates to both F2201-19 and F400-19

JUly 2019- Relevant for: Hardlines

In June 2019, ASTM updated ASTM F2201-10 to F2201-19 and F400-10 to F400-19.

ASTM F2201-19 covers all flame-producing consumer products commonly known as utility lighters (also known as grill lighters, fireplace lighters, lighting rods, or gas matches) and such similar devices.

Similarly, ASTM F400-19 covers all flame-producing consumer products commonly known as cigarette lighters, pipe lighters, and cigar lighters and such similar devices.

Both ASTM F22011 and F4002 were updated to include definition and requirements regarding dual flame and multiple flame lighters. General requirements and the corresponding test methods for both lighter types were also included.

Additionally, in F400:

  • It is now required that non-refillable adjustable lighter shall produce a flame height of no greater than 100 mm.
  • Automatic adjusting pipe lighters are now required not capable of producing a flame height greater than 100 mm.
  • If the gas lighter is shipped with fuel, it is now required the weight of the liquefied fuel shall not exceed 10 g.

[1] F2201-19

[2] F400-19

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