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Your regular update for technical and industry information

TÜV SÜD Korea and Korea Petroleum Quality and Distribution Authority (K-Petro) to cooperate in automotive and hydro industries

On 3rd December, TÜV SÜD Korea signed a business agreement with Korea Petroleum Quality & Distribution Authority, also known as K-Petro, to strengthen the export competitiveness of companies such as domestic automobile manufacturers and to protect consumer rights. The meeting was held virtually due to the recent elevation to the Level 2 social distancing scheme in Korea.

TÜV SÜD Korea and Korea Petroleum Quality and Distribution Authority (K-Petro) to cooperate in automotive and hydro industries

Since entering the Korean market in 1992, TÜV SÜD Korea has leveraged its global network and expertise to improve quality and safety and has supported domestic firms' entry into foreign markets. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, more than 25,000 professionals offer such services as testing, certification, and training in more than 1,000 locations in 50 countries worldwide.

Under the agreement, the two parties have promised to support domestic and foreign manufacturers' acquisition of European/Korean certifications; initiate cooperation between test facilities and certification infrastructure; commence certification and test and evaluation of the performances in such areas as automobile emissions, fuel economy, and output; cooperate in the fields of testing and evaluation of the hydrogen industry, electricity, and energy; launch human resource exchanges in training, seminar, workshop, and education, etc., for technological interaction.

With this agreement, K-Petro seeks to actively support the type approval of domestic companies that export automobiles and auto parts to Europe and abroad and drive export competitiveness. Moreover, it is expected that the two specialized agencies will jointly conduct preliminary defect inspections of imported vehicles to deliver more comprehensive follow-up management, thereby protecting consumer interests and preserving the atmosphere.

Kim Wan-Sik, Chief Technology Officer at K-Petro Research Institute of Petroleum, said, “Collaboration with TÜV SÜD Korea, which has acquired technical expertise in product and quality management system certification, will expand European/Korean certification activities for domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers and subsequently strengthen the international status of K-Petro. Additionally, the collaboration is expected to contribute to improving public services and developing the automotive industry through more rapid certification tests.

Martin Unterhauser, Head of Mobility at TÜV SÜD Korea, said “Collaboration with K-Petro, which is authorized test lab for Korea emission tests, will provide higher flexibility of certification service for our domestic and foreign automobile customers. TÜV SÜD expects to achieve higher technical accomplishment and to provide more efficient certification service through the close collaboration between the two parties.”

Photo caption: Mr. Wan-Sik Kim, Chief Technology Officer at Korea Petroleum Quality and Distribution Authority (Left), and Mr. Jung-Wook Seo, CEO of TÜV SÜD Korea (Right), are taking a commemorative photo during the virtual ceremony.


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