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Your regular update for technical and industry information

TÜV SÜD has attended the 5th World Intelligence Congress in China 2021

As a charter member of the International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization (hereinafter referred to as "IAMTS"), TÜV SÜD was invited this year to attend the International Summit Forum on Innovation and Development of IOV Leading Application during the 5th World Intelligence Congress in China. Alexander Kraus, Senior Vice President Mobility Industry at TÜV SÜD and the first Chairman of the IAMTS Executive Committee, addressed a keynote speech at the summit, sharing the milestones achieved by the IAMTS since its inception in supporting the development and deployment of advanced mobility and in growing a global harmonization of standards and certifications for smart mobility. The forum focused on the fields of intelligent transportation, intelligent networking and pilot applications. By carrying out in-depth discussions and exchanges on the standard formulation, commercial models and implementation strategies and paths of the IOV (internet of vehicles) industry, aiming to build an advanced achievement platform, innovation platform and product focus platform in the field of international intelligent technology and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the IOV industry.

As an important foundation of intelligent transportation, countries around the world are working to accelerate the development of connected and automated vehicles (hereinafter referred to as “CAV”). Currently, comprehensions and practices regarding road traffic laws, regulations and testing standards in relation to high-level automated driving and its transitional products vary across major markets. It is the mission and vision of IAMTS to figure out more efficient ways of exploring these differences and sharing the complicated information acquired from testing practices, and to accelerate the synergistic development of CAV testing and validation technologies.

Currently, IAMTS has already established four technical working groups to conduct research on four pillar topics: global test scenario library, global advanced mobility testbed database, correlation of physical and virtual testing and cybersecurity testing. Given the growing market demands for reliable, consistent and replicable testing of CAV across geographic and regulatory boundaries, IAMTS is striving to accelerate the development of best practices to facilitate the synergistic development of standards and certifications with cutting-edge technologies, so as to empower the safe deployment of advanced mobility systems and services.

As a leading technical service and inspection body in in the design and development of autonomous driving, TÜV SÜD has always been devoted to shaping the future of the mobility with its expertise and extensive project experience. Back in 2018, TÜV SÜD, together with SAE, CATARC, A NICE CITY and ITIC, launched the Asia Secretary of "Global ICV Testing and Demonstration Alliance", and established the IAMTS at the SAE WCX 2019 the following year, joined by partners from testbeds and proving ground operators, vehicle validation companies, technical organizations as well as universities in the major automotive markets of China, Europe and the United States to collaboratively promote the research and development of testing and validation approaches for CAV. Recently, TÜV SÜD participated in the joint release of IAMTS' first best practice "A Comprehensive Approach for the Validation of Virtual Testing Toolchains", aiming to provide availability for the development of standardization of automated driving testing methods.

Further information about IAMTS can be found here.

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