Travel Cost Reimbursement

Future in your hands

Future in your hands

We are refunding your travel expenses

Great that we could meet you for an interview. On this page you will find the form which we need to refund your travel expenses.

Please select the country in which you applied for a job and download the form in your preferred language. Please fill out the form and sign it. Then please kindly send it for approval and payback to the address or email that is included into the form. Don't forget to attach all original bills and receipts.

Thank you!

  • Germany
    TÜV SÜD will gladly cover your travel expenses incurred in the course of an interview.
    We would ask you to plan your trip in accordance with economic and ecological principles.
    The preferred form of travel is by train or other public transport in 2nd class. A seat reservation is also covered. If you choose a different form of transport than the train or other public transport, the refund will still only be in the amount of a 2nd class train ticket (without reservation). If an overnight stay on site is necessary for organisational reasons, hotel costs incurred will also be reimbursed up to a maximum of 100 €/night (incl. breakfast).
    Travel by plane or even by taxi is only granted in exceptional cases. We kindly ask you to give sufficient reasons for this in order to avoid possible inquiries.


    Travel Cost Reimbursement (English)

    Erstattung der Reisekosten (Deutsch)

    In order to ensure correct and timely processing of your applicant travel expenses, we ask you to first download the form and then complete it saved locally. Afterwards we ask you to send us the form in pdf format.

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