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Academics, specialists, and practical-minded generalists alike will find many suitable areas of employment in our organization. Candidates with backgrounds ranging from engineering, natural sciences, economics, law, and computer sciences can discover a host of opportunities, whether pursuing a specialization or an executive career path.

Join us in over 30 countries – Check our job opportunities

  • Testing and Inspection

    As a TÜV SÜD expert and test engineer, you will appreciate having free rein to pursue utmost accuracy whether you’re inspecting a vehicle for a periodic technical inspection (PTI) or assessing the industrial safety of plants and systems. No deficiencies will elude you, from testing to commissioning and final inspection, and you’ll always be able to advocate for the safest solution. You’re committed and passionate – and we support you all the way.

    You will be responsible for far more than checking boxes. You will work closely with customers to find solutions that enable them to best realize their projects while meeting relevant safety requirements. To get there, you will need to be determined and persuasive yet tactful and intuitive.


  • Projects and Knowledge Services

    As a project engineer at TÜV SÜD, your opportunities are endless. You will be analyzing every possible hazard and risk. You will assess even the most complex safety solutions and processes.

    You will help companies ensure that their new products meet all safety standards, a role that might also mean acting as a project manager or a business partner. This requires you to empathize with your clients while having the self-assurance to raise controversial questions – along with the will to make changes and reach constructive solutions.

    You will always stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and strive to understand the issues as thoroughly, reliably, and proactively as our clients rightly expect from TÜV SÜD.

  • Product Safety and Auditing

    As a TÜV SÜD auditor, you will possess deep knowledge in your area of expertise and raise the bar time and again to help our customers improve their operational processes and systems. Planning and implementing cost-efficient and process-focused audits and reviews is just one example. Your approach is thorough, accurate, and always authoritative.

    Your assessment will contribute to major decisions such as whether a new product will be approved on the market. The work can span a range of disciplines, from microbiological analysis of foods to auditing of medical device manufacturers.

    As an IT specialist, you will be responsible for testing the quality of our customers’ software and IT security and data protection. If you uncover vulnerabilities, you will need to display insight as well as understanding, and you should enjoy developing customized solutions.

  • Sales and Continued Training

    Sales activities at TÜV SÜD focus on close cooperation, both with customers and with our own operational units. It’s a role that also calls for consulting skills.

    With a background in (industrial) engineering or as an engineer with sales know-how, you engage in developing sales and marketing strategies and implementing them in appropriate action plans. You should also enjoy networking, as managing contacts with our existing customers is a further area of your responsibilities.

    Depending on your function, you may also be responsible for designing and selling training and seminar programs, including their quality assurance.

  • Corporate Functions

    You can also play a valuable role at TÜV SÜD without a background in engineering, natural sciences, or technology. TÜV SÜD also offers exciting positions for business management and law graduates, computer scientists, and professionals from other non-STEM disciplines.

    We’re always seeking talented individuals for corporate functions such as business services, which include controlling, purchasing, general administration, law and taxes, IT, human resources, and initial and continued training. After all, our operating units can only offer top performance when backed by expert administrative and organizational support.

    Depending on your role, you might also be involved in the design and implementation of new corporate strategies that will help ensure we’re always building on our successes as a company.


Who we are looking for

Individuals ideally suited to our company culture are:

Committed, visionary, thorough, understanding
We are the people who take a closer look, conduct thorough inspections, and reach informed decisions that truly make a difference. Our sense of judgement matters a great deal. People who get to know the TÜV SÜD culture soon see that we are firmly committed to our responsibilities.

From issuing operating permits for industrial plants to approving products to market, our various operations can affect a range of stakeholders. This is why we value our impartiality and why we sometimes make tough or unpleasant decisions if necessary. This requires confidence and principles but also understanding and vision.

  • Our decisions make a difference

    We affect the safety of many – and we accept the responsibility. Our work requires people who are level-headed, with a healthy self-confidence and inner strength. To that end, we are seeking individuals who are:

    • Tough and objective
    • Confident in their actions
    • Decisive
    • Honest and see integrity as the benchmark of their work
  • We believe in what we do

    Only those who truly believe in what they do can take on the responsibility of ensuring the safety and protection of people and the environment on a daily basis. The role calls for individuals who are highly motivated to work for the sustainable development of technology. Individuals who fulfil our expectations:

    • Adhere to deeply held principles
    • Are satisfied when performing actions that benefit the majority
    • Are able to question and challenge themselves as well as others
  • We provide comprehensive expertise

    As a top provider of testing and inspection services, we’ve been able to acquire wide-ranging expertise. This enables us to identify and direct new trends and developments at an early stage so that we can cultivate far-sighted solutions. This can only be achieved by experts who are:

    • Able to see the big picture
    • Interested in future trends
    • Able to interpret the latest developments
    • Able to establish and manage contacts

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