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Electric Vehicle (EV) Solutions

Training, Testing and Infrastructure

Training, Testing and Infrastructure

TÜV SÜD has been a trusted partner of choice for safety, quality, security and sustainability solutions for the automotive sector. The extensive automotive safety engineering experience and a strong understanding of the local requirement has always enabled us to be at the forefront of supporting the mobility sectors’ evolving needs. With over 10 years of global experience in e-Mobility and network of labs, our EV services serve you as a one-stop facilitator for battery & components testing & certification, safety assessments, training solutions and global market access.


  • 10+ years of global experience and network of labs
    Benefit from our global expertise, local experience and reach through our network of labs for automotive, battery, EMC & wireless and environment testing across North America, Germany and Asia.
  • Battery Testing
    With a network of 9 battery testing labs spread across North America, Germany and Asia, including Thailand, we assist you to meet EV battery testing requirements by fulfilling legal, industry and manufacturer requirements, offered at all levels - electrical, chemical, corrosive, mechanical and abusive domains. More details mentioned below.
  • 360° approach
    Assure safety, marketability and compliance throughout the entire value chain, right from electric vehicle components and systems to batteries and charging infrastructure. 
  • Global Market Access
    Partner with us to meet your local and global testing & certification requirements applicable in target markets, facilitated by globally accredited laboratories (DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025). Also gain confidence with us, as we support your requirements for approval tests under ECE-R100.02 and other international standards of all vehicle categories, systems and components.
  • Some key milestones with stakeholders
  • Our strategic partnership with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) has further enhanced our expertise in battery testing & certification, functional safety and other areas to provide services that will mitigate potential risks and help achieve steady & safe development of the global new energy industry.
  • Our commitment to sustainability has been further cemented through a pilot project at Microvast GmbH, where we have developed a climate-friendly and sustainable approach, covering the entire product cycle of battery production. Using SDGs as a benchmark, our teams have identified specific indicators and opportunities for improvement of sustainability through regular tracking and monitoring.
  • Our partnership with Italvolt at a planned Gigafactory in Italy has helped facilitate technical advisory services such as design review, risk assessment or fire protection services, along with with testing solutions, including battery testing, EMC or functional safety, inspection services and certification services like TISAX, IATF 16949 and others.

Our solutions

Throughout the battery production supply chain, TÜV SÜD acts as a one-point contact between plant owners and suppliers to facilitate seamless communication, providing continuous status reporting of compliance fulfilment and gap analysis. Our comprehensive solutions in training, testing and infrastructure address the widespread use of electric vehicles, the challenges they bring and also the safety standards that they comply to.


TÜV SÜD offers a wide range of global training programs paired with an interactive learning style that help mitigate risks and accidents associated with High Voltage Systems, EMI / EMC Testing and Functional Safety.

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As one of the key components of an electric vehicle, the performance and reliability of batteries is of paramount importance to ensure the quality of the entire vehicle. Our experts focus on R&D testing to support customers right from the start to develop safe EV batteries through multiple domains - electrical, chemical, corrosive, mechanical and abusive.

Standards we test against: 

  • IEC 60068
  • IEC 62620
  • ISO 12405
  • ISO 16750
  • ISO 20653

Our testing and certification solutions: 

  • Battery safety and abuse testing
  • Battery performance and lifecycle testing
  • Battery environmental and durability testing
  • Battery mechanical testing
  • Battery material testing and chemical analysis
  • Battery certification and global market access 

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Widespread adoption of electric vehicles can only be achieved when safe, reliable and convenient electric vehicle charging infrastructure is in place. Electric vehicle charging station infrastructure and technology are developed based on new technologies that require extensive testing and certification to relevant standards. At TÜV SÜD, we provide test plans and product testing to ensure specifications are met. 

In addition to EV charger testing and EV charging station certification, our e-mobility experts can provide electric charging station companies and manufacturers utilise reliable testing data to make further design improvements to the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

TÜV SÜD offer services to test for electrical, environmental (including EMC) and functional safety, providing the results of each test so that any issues can be addressed efficiently. We provide tests to safety and quality standards including but not limited to AIS-049 (Rev.1):2016, IEC 61851‐1, IEC 61851‐21‐2, IEC 61851-23, IEC 62196‐1, IEC 62196‐2, IEC 62196-3. With our extensive accreditations for e-Mobility and electric vehicle, we are able to provide the CB Scheme Certification and TÜV SÜD mark according to IEC 61851. 

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