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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

Mexico: Energy efficiency standard NOM-029-ENER-2017 of external power supplies approved

November, 2017

Mexican official standard NOM-029-ENER-2017 was published on 27 October 2017. It applies to external power supplies which intended to convert AC voltage to a single fixed DC output voltage and with a lower maximum output power or equal to 250 W, as well as those with a switch that allows the user to manually select between different output voltage levels.

It does not apply to EPSs that:

  • contain a battery or battery pack physically attached (including those that are removable) to the power supply;
  • have an integrated switch to select the type (or chemistry) of a battery and a light or meter that shows the state of charge of a battery;
  • are intended for special use as part of equipment and apparatus that are not sold directly to the public and whose commercialization is done with business users or institutions that install and operate such equipment directly or in co-responsibility with the supplier company. 

The Standards aims to establish:

  • minimum energy efficiency values,
  • maximum limits of electric power in non-load or no power drawn mode,
  • test methods and evaluation,
  • specifications of the minimum information to be marked.

The Standard is intended for EPSs to be imported, manufactured, marketed, distributed or supplied for sale purposes, either individually or as part of a end-use product in Mexico.

The Standard will enter into force on 25 April 2018, 180 days after publication in the Official Gazette.




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