Qualified Electrician for HV Systems in Motor Vehicles for Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers— Level 2

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Almost all auto repair shops will have to handle hybrid or electric vehicles sooner or later. Those working with such vehicles with high voltage (HV) systems must be aware of their potential dangers and possible protective measures. This applies to all employees, not just mechanics in the repair shop, but also the cleaning staff and office workers who might come into contact with the vehicles.

As e-mobility begins to dominate the auto industry, training on how to work with a range of HV systems becomes more and more necessary. Expanding upon your foundational knowledge as a vehicle electrician or mechanic, you can complete this course to become an electrician for working on vehicles with HV systems. You will become qualified to work independently and safely on vehicles with HV systems, both e-vehicles and hybrid vehicles. In addition, you will become capable of assessing the work you delegated to you, to reliably recognize possible dangers, and to put into practice all necessary protective measures. Expand your skills and position yourself for the market of the future.

  • Persons without an electrical engineering education, but with a qualification as vehicle electrician or mechanic, whose area of work is going to include HV systems in powered vehicles.
  • Mechanics who work with automobiles but do not have an electrical engineering education
  • Mechanics who anticipate that their area of work will include HV systems
  • Mechanics who would like to gain foundational knowledge in electrical engineering
  • Organization of safety and health for electrical engineering work
  • Protective measures - Technical and managerial responsibility
  • Employee qualifications in the field of electrical engineering
  • Use of HV systems in vehicles: Introduction, concepts, measurements, component replacement, etc.
  • Examination

This online, instructor-led course qualifies students to work with high voltage (HV) systems in motor vehicles. This course is the second level of TÜV SÜD Academy’s three-tiered learning path on HV safety in automotive systems.

Electromobility is on the rise. Expand your professional knowledge by completing this course to become an electrician suitable for working on vehicles with HV systems (electric and hybrid cars). In addition, you will be capable of assessing the work delegated to you, reliably recognizing possible dangers, and putting into practice all necessary protective measures when working with HV vehicles.

TÜV SÜD Academy’s HV Safety Learning Pathway begins with Fundamentals of High Voltage Systems in Electric Vehicles (level 1), continues to Training as Qualified Electrician for HV Systems in Motor Vehicles (level 2), and finishes with Live Working for Qualified Electricians for HV Systems in Motor Vehicles (level 3). These three courses are designed to help keep every member of your organization safe, regardless of physical involvement with new technology.

The level 1 course is a self-paced overview course. The level 2 course exposes students to the fundamentals of electrical engineering and as well as an overview of HV systems in vehicles. Students who successfully complete level 2 become qualified to take the level 3 course to work with operational high voltage systems. Students who do not pass level 2 are not permitted to attend the level 3 course.

  • You will earn a certificate as an electrician for HV systems in vehicles.
  • You will acquire knowledge that will expand your understanding of the field of electric mobility.
  • You will be able to reliably handle the demands of working with high voltages vehicles.
Instructor-led training in a virtual classroom. This means the course is Live Online. Participants will learn through online teaching. Lectures, case studies, group exercises, discussions, problem solving, examples with explanation, assignments and/or quizzes happen in the virtual classroom training. Participants need to connect to the class from any internet accessible location. Each module is delivered live using webinar technology, creating a virtual classroom learning environment. Live sessions provide you with direct access to the trainer so you can ask questions, understand complex concepts and share ideas with peers. Webcam and microphone are REQUIRED to interact with the instructor and/or other participants.
The course content and structure are designed by the domain experts from TÜV SÜD. With immense experience and knowledge in the relevant standards, our team of product specialists and technical experts at TÜV SÜD, developed the course content based on current business landscape and market requirements.

This course is designed for students who have successfully completed vocational training as vehicle mechanics or electrations. This foundational knowledge of mechanical engineering is required.

This course is available for private training. Public workshops attract a diverse range of people, offering fantastic learning and networking opportunities. But they may not be suitable for every situation.
Sometimes privacy, or a targeted training experience is required. To address this, most of our Academy training courses are available for private delivery. With a private training, your entire team can be trained maximizing the impact and ensuring that new knowledge and skills can be shared across the team. Workshop content can also be tailored as well to better fit your business needs, industry or interests. Customisation does require additional effort but provides a richer learning experience.

Our experienced academy advisors will work with you one-on-one to meet your needs and for scheduling and logistics. Our goal is to ADD VALUE and ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Contact Us to discuss how a private workshop would benefit your organization. Please reach out to us to begin planning your private training.

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