Pre-compliance for Battery Products

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Product Safety Pre-Compliance Design Review

The regulatory and engineering experts at TÜV SÜD can save you time and money by getting involved early in the design phase to prevent design errors that will lead to non-conformance. A little effort on the front end can help to ensure the product is ready for market on time.

Why a Product Safety Pre-Compliance Design Review?

  • Identify all applicable testing standards.
  • Review certification requirements.
  • Review of critical components.
  • Determine the best approach to minimize re-testing.
  • Review and edit product documentation.
  • Avoid redesign late in the product development phase.

*Receive a Technical Report deliverable outlining your Design Review Details.

These are possible applicable standards, the exact regulations will be identified during pre-compliance review:

  • UL 1973
  • UL 2580
  • UL 2271

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