ISO 19443:2018: Quality Management for the Nuclear Supply Chain

Instructor-led Training1 DayBeginner
  • Understand the crucial requirement areas of the ISO 19443 standard
  • Know how to adapt and improve your quality management system
  • Know different methods to comply with the requirements of the ISO 19443
  • Employees of manufacturers producing safety-critical nuclear equipment (management, engineers, technical experts)
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • General Idea and Concept of the ISO 19443
  • Structure and Requirements of the ISO 19443
  • Determination of Components “Important to Nuclear Safety” (ITNS)
  • The ISO 19443 Certification Process

- Lunch break –

  • Crucial Requirement Areas:
    • Risk-based Thinking
    • Traceability and Verification
    • Preventing Counterfeit, Fraudulent and

Suspect Items

    • Documented Information
    • Development of a Nuclear Safety Culture
  • Review – Benefits & Challenges

This remote nuclear training gives an overview of the general idea and concept of the ISO 19443 standard. Participants will learn how to identify components “important to nuclear safety”. The program highlights the crucial requirement areas and demonstrates how to fulfil the specific requirements for suppliers in the nuclear industry. It further addresses the prevention of irregularities and the development of a nuclear safety culture. Benefit from lessons learned of real-life examples.

TÜV SÜD is one of the world's leading service providers in certification with over 50 years of experiences in the field of nuclear energy. Being a specialist in quality management and nuclear safety, we are the trusted partner of safety authorities, operators, manufacturers and vendors. From their expertise, our experts know best the requirements of nuclear plant licensees as well as the challenges faced by new or established manufacturers of nuclear components and equipment throughout the nuclear supply chain. In our training courses, these experts turn into trainers and pass their practical experience and expert know-how on to the participants.

  • Handout (pdf-format)
  • Basic knowledge of Quality Management Systems (e.g. ISO 9001)
Price (excl. TAX)
$ 3,000.00

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