Process Management – Fundamentals

Online, Self-Paced Course

Online, Self-Paced Course

Course Description

Every kind of organization must consider processes. There are many reasons for this. They help you to work better, faster, more efficiently and with a greater focus on the customer. Processes structure activities, ensure transparency and offer an overview. Where are you with your organization? And what goals do you have? Process Management (PM) helps you to find the right way. You will learn the most important fundamentals here.

Course Benefits

  • You can familiarize yourself with the topic at any time and anywhere.
  • You will know how to create a process map for your business.
  • You will know how to handle cutting and seams in the process.
  • You will know how to optimize processes.
  • You can familiarize yourself with the topic at any time and anywhere.

Learning Objectives

In this e-Learning module, you will find out:

  • what processes are and what they help with
  • how to use a process map to keep on top of your processes
  • how processes are structured
  • which roles and responsibilities there are in a process

Course Agenda

  • Fundamentals of processes
  • Why are processes important?
  • How do processes help in management systems?
  • Process model and process map
  • What is a process model?
  • What functions have processes?
  • How are processes broken down and documented?
  • Process representation and responsibility
  • How to gain clarity on the process flow
  • How to represent a process flow
  • What role does the process owner play?


You are part of an interactive journey on which you are provided text, graphics, videos, podcasts or chatbots to widen your knowledge. Quizzes give you the opportunity to verify your learning progress.


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