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Qualified Electrician for HV Systems in Motor Vehicles

For Automotive Manufacturers and Supplies - Level 2b

Course Description

Almost all auto repair shops will have to handle hybrid or electric vehicles sooner or later. Those working with such vehicles with high voltage (HV) systems must be aware of their potential dangers and possible protective measures. This applies to all employees, not just mechanics in the repair shop, but also the cleaning staff and office workers who might come into contact with the vehicles.

As e-mobility begins to dominate the auto industry, training on how to work with a range of HV systems becomes more and more necessary. Expanding upon your foundational knowledge as a vehicle electrician or mechanic, you can complete this course to become an electrician for working on vehicles with HV systems. You will become qualified to work independently and safely on vehicles with HV systems, both e-vehicles and hybrid vehicles. In addition, you will become capable of assessing the work you delegated to you, to reliably recognize possible dangers, and to put into practice all necessary protective measures. Expand your skills and position yourself for the market of the future.

Course Benefits

  • Extend your field of competence as an electrician for HV systems in vehicles
  • Learn to safely handle the demands of high voltage systems
  • Become qualified to work with HV systems

Who Will Benefit?

  • Mechanics who work with automobiles but do not have an electrical engineering education
  • Mechanics who anticipate that their area of work will include HV systems
  • Gain foundational knowledge in electrical engineering

Course Agenda

  • Protective measures
  • Technical and managerial responsibility
  • Staff qualifications in electrical engineering
  • Use of HV systems in motor vehicles: Introduction, concepts, measurements, component exchange
  • Examination

Course Requirements

This course is designed for students who have successfully completed vocational training as vehicle mechanics or electricians. This foundational knowledge of mechanical engineering is required.


  • 4 Days

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