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Module 1: Overview of Functional Safety and FSM for ISO 26262 2nd Edition Sections 1 - 12 Training

The new ISO 26262 2nd Ed. Module 1 "Management of Functional Safety" is a full-day introduction to Functional Safety for all road vehicles

Course Description

The new ISO 26262 2nd Ed. Module 1 "Management of Functional Safety" is a full-day introduction to Functional Safety for all road vehicles. Participants gain a general overview of ISO 26262 and the main planning activities for safety-relevant development. Explanations of Sections 1-12 of ISO 26262 and the resulting activities focused on FSM are given as an introduction to the safety lifecycle. The course is ideal for executives, managers, project leads, safety managers and all users of ISO 26262 2nd Ed. seeking to gain an overview of the additional efforts involved over and above the standard development process. After completing the course, you will be familiar with all steps of the safety lifecycle as per ISO 26262 and the safety activities that shall be addressed.

Course Benefits

  • Enhance your efficiency - with training courses linking theory with practical experience in the area of functional safety.
  • Minimize risks - by keeping your employees up to date with regard to standards and regulations in science and technology, thus enabling them to identify problems before your operations are affected. Avoid product recalls and loss of reputation by applying an optimized tailored process.
  • Gain competitive edge - by applying your knowledge of the diverse roles throughout the safety life-cycle, in order to develop the best solutions for you and your customers.

Who Will Benefit?

Managers, safety managers, software developers, hardware developers, project leaders, quality representatives, test engineers and all who are involved in ISO 26262 projects and lifecycle primarily focusing on the development of programmable electronic safety systems and aiming to implement their developments on the basis of the recognized international standard ISO 26262 2nd Edition.

Course Agenda

  • Introduction of functional safety
  • Introduction of safety management
  • Safety Lifecycle
  • FSM project independent
  • FSM during development
  • FSM after start of production
  • Supporting processes
  • FMEA and FTA in the safety lifecycle - short overview
  • Role dependent certification procedure

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  • FAQs

    All training courses can be ordered as individual modules or in combination as a package. We also offer these modules as in-house training courses on site at your company.

    This page outlines the training modules you can register for as well as a description of the three different certification Levels you can achieve. By attending modules and passing the requisite examinations you can obtain the following titles. Regarding our FSCP Functional Safety Certification Program you can become a:

    Functional Safety Engineer – a beginner level exam, Modules 1 - 4 highly recommended.

    Functional Safety Professional – an intermediate level exam requiring a minimum of 6 years of experience, Modules 1 - 4 recommended.

    Functional Safety Expert – an expert level exam requiring 10 yrs experience, Modules 1 - 4 recommended.

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