UL 1995 Standard Update

Assess the quality of your products

Assess the quality of your products

What is UL 1995 4th edition?

Updates required by December 1, 2014

The requirements for HVAC/R Industry safety are changing. UL 1995/CSA 22.2 No. 236 has been updated with the release of the 4th edition. This new edition comes into effect December 1, 2014. If your products are currently certified to the 3rd edition, it is mandatory that you have your file updated by December 1, 2014.

What are the key changes with the 4th edition?

  • Air Filters and Media Wheels must comply with UL 900
  • New requirements for unlisted Polymeric materials
  • Additional testing on wiring that is not fixed and will move during its lifetime
  • Winding transformers that supply low voltage on the secondary side will be subject to additional testing
  • Additional testing on motors used with wave chopping solid state speed control
  • Many tables were updated to address multiple refrigerant use, ignition sources, MCA, motor enclosures etc.

Top 3 reasons products "FAIL" UL1995 4th ed.

Uncertified component substitution

Replacing critical components with "imported" components that are not properly tested and certified. This can be a costly mistake when caught after the fact, but can also be inexpensive to avoid. Having a good relationship with the test engineer will lead to simple solutions for the use of untested components. When accounted for during the assessment and testing there is no delay.

Improper markings / warning labels

Fairly easy to fix in the initial evaluation or in the field, but close attention must be paid to the standard and appropriate interpretation. Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) inspectors are sticklers for safety labeling. Double check with a TÜV SÜD expert before it becomes a problem.

Improper grounding

Another fairly easy fix yet we see this way too often. Grounding methods can vary based on the product, component approvals, wire and crimp choices, etc. Get advice from an engineer you have come to trust; someone who is familiar with your entire product line.

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