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Natural Hazards Analysis

Protection against natural disasters

Disasters sparked by natural events such as wildfire, hurricanes, and earthquakes have become a risk that cannot be overlooked in today’s globalized age of business. 

Why is Natural Hazards Analysis Important for my Business?

In 2016 alone, recorded losses caused by natural disasters totaled in an estimate of USD $175 billion, the highest amount of loss in a total of four years. This number is likely to increase as we face challenges such as climate change, urban expansion, and growing populations.

Considering this, awareness and concern for natural hazards has increased significantly in recent years, both from internal risk management as well as insurance liability perspectives.

What Does Natural Hazards Analysis Entail?

An effective natural hazard analysis and control program is based upon simple, basic data. TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) acknowledges the importance of this and collects both primary and secondary building and site data, which can then be imported into hazard modeling programs. Using this collected data, aggregate loss potentials can be developed across a portfolio of properties.

Our risk reduction program for Site-Specific Analysis:

  • Utilizes structural engineers specializing in natural hazard risk analysis
  • Defines the risks and quantifies the damage (PML)
  • Makes informed decisions regarding levels of risk, company risk tolerance, and prioritizes next steps
  • Performs detailed analysis and develops mitigation needs on a prioritized basis
  • Develops detailed options for strengthening and performs cost-benefit analysis Retrofit construction plans for risk reduction
  • Eliminates desk-top-only CAT modeling uncertainties

Why TÜV SÜD for your Natural Hazards Analysis Needs?

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) regularly helps companies identify these exposures, evaluate their severity and potential impact, develop action plans, and implement cost-effective mitigation strategies at the local site and corporate levels.

TÜV SÜD GRC’s engineers are trained in natural hazard analysis and identification, allowing them to gather accurate information regarding critical construction and building envelope elements, as well as site-specific features. Each assessment will identify key non-structural recommendations and any remedial action that can be taken to minimize the potential property loss and subsequent impact on ongoing operations.

Since these types of losses frequently fall under the deductible of most insurance programs, benefits will accrue directly to your company’s bottom line.

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Natural Hazards Analysis

Natural Hazard Analysis

TÜV SÜD GRC regularly helps clients identify these exposures, evaluate their severity and potential business impact, and develop action plans.

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Hurricane Preparedness

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Weathering the Storm
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Weathering the Storm

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