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Infrared Thermographic Surveys

Minimize risk through risk management and property loss control solutions

The untimely shutdown of electrical distribution equipment and primary mechanical systems often results in lost production, higher operating costs, dissatisfied customers, and lost profits. A major industrial engineering and insurance organization recently revealed that over 30% of their total losses resulted from electrical problems.

Implementing a sound infrared thermographic imaging program is potentially the single most important preventive measure. Conservative estimates indicate that an average savings of $14 is derived from each $1 invested in such a program.

As a vital electrical maintenance procedure, Infrared Thermography is an effective, non-destructive inspection technique used to pinpoint concerns in complex industrial, electrical, and mechanical systems.

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) was the first major loss prevention consulting organization to recognize the value of Infrared Thermography and has been providing these services since 1985.

TÜV SÜD GRC provides the expertise and technology necessary to apply this proven solution to your property loss prevention challenges. Utilizing the latest techniques and technologies, we identify potential loss exposures in electrical systems, boilers and insulated vessels, motors and gearboxes, and other mission-critical equipment.

What are infrared thermographic surveys?

Infrared thermography is one of the most effective and efficient non-destructive testing programmes available. Infrared thermographic surveys help to detect areas of abnormal temperature, diagnose problem areas and determine their severity in electrical systems and mechanical equipment.

Why are infrared thermographic surveys Important?

Electrical problems that are not identified and repaired at an early stage may cause untimely shutdowns, resulting property losses, lost production, increased operating costs, dissatisfied customers and lost profits. Infrared Thermographic (IR) inspections are the single most preventative measure a business can implement.

Implementing an Infrared Thermographic imaging programme can achieve overall cost savings. In fact, such a programme can deliver savings many times greater than the amount required for development and implementation.

TÜV SÜD helps you achieve overall cost savings by identifying potential loss exposures.

A proper infrared thermographic imaging programme can deliver savings many times greater than the amount required for development and implementation. Our experts utilise the latest techniques and infrared and airborne ultrasound technology to provide you with comprehensive reports, severity and impact ratings, ultrasonic testing, arc-flash testing, thermographic imaging analysis and immediate delivery of findings.

What do infrared thermographic surveys involve?

  • Infrared and airborne ultrasound technology

    We utilise infrared and airborne ultrasound technology to detect abnormal or unexpected thermal patterns that may cause equipment failure (i.e.“invisible” threats).

  • Comprehensive reports

    Our formal comprehensive reports not only locate problems with extreme precision but also recommend cost-effective solutions.

  • Severity and impact ratings

    We provide severity and impact ratings for each finding. This includes a summary of findings, equipment inventory listing, trending and business impact analysis, all of which is made available through our online data management system.

  • Ultrasonic testing

    Ultrasonic testing is an additional tool that enables us to identify critical loss exposures such as internal and external tracking/arcing problems in high voltage equipment that are not detectable when using infrared imaging.

  • Thermographic imaging analysis

    Thermographic imaging analysis is used to diagnose problem areas and determine their impact and severity. It also enables us to pinpoint abnormal temperatures and resolve variances and deficiencies.

  • Immediate delivery of findings

    Clients can access comprehensive on-site reports through our online client data management system. These include a quantifiable operational cost-saving action plan as well as severity and impact ratings for each finding.

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Infrared Thermographic Surveys

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