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Cyber Security Health Check

Adding value with our service portfolio

Cyber security Risk today is one of top 5 business risks that today’s organization faces on an on-going basis. While companies invest Millions of dollars in Cyber defense and related technologies, many times companies (especially small and medium businesses) face different kinds of issues, namely:

  • Availability of resources and technology to foster the Cyber defense.
  • Inadequate clarity and lack of knowledge on Cyber security baseline and top 5 Cyber risks

It is seen in most cases that in the absence of knowledge of Cyber security Baseline, companies are not able to plan a proper Cyber security strategy. Hence, to help companies in this regard, TÜV SÜD America now offers a simple but effective Cyber security Health Check Services.

Cyber Security Health check is technology agnostic services and involves a short (3-4 days) assessment using some of the best practices based on NIST CSF, ISO 27001: 2013, SAN’s top 20 & CIS standards and frameworks.

The engagement involves close interaction with the IT, Security Operation and the Senior Management and interview of key personnel about a set of questions from the Cyber security Health check list, especially prepared by TÜV SÜD Cybersecurity and Risk Management experts.

At the end of the assessment, TUV SUD would provide a report within one week that would provide at a high level:

  • Brief overview of current cyber security posture
  • At least top 5 Cyber security Risks that the organization needs to address on a priority basis.
  • Further categorization of Risks into “Critical”, “High”, “Medium” and “Low” so that Management can come out with an action plan to address the same.
  • Cyber security Baseline

Key advantages of such Health Check exercise are:

  • Cost-effective and inexpensive way to determine and assess the cyber security posture and hence the baseline
  • An effective way to identify key gaps and top 5 Cyber Risks.
  • An effective tool to help Management take an informed decision to address the cyber security related risks and concerns.
  • Can be used for any organization of any size and any industry sector

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