Latest Information Concerning the Transition From ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949

Automotive Quality Management System Certification

Transition timeline

IATF 16949 was published in October 2016, whereas the publication of the certification rules were released in November 2016.

The transition phase to IATF 16949 will span 23 months, starting from the publication of the new standard in October 2016. Prior to a transition audit, organisations will need to integrate and implement the changes in their quality management systems.

Latest information concerning the transition from ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949


Auditing and auditor days

Transition audits from ISO/TS 16949:2009 to IATF 16949 require the same number of auditor days as a re-certification audit. Prior to the transition audit, a document review will be performed at a minimal additional audit time of 4 hours. The auditor can carry out this document review either on-site or off-site.

For this purpose, the organisation must provide the auditor with the following records and documentation:

  • Quality management documentation (e.g. manual, process landscape, processes and procedures)
  • Evidence of conformity to IATF 16949 (e.g. in the form of internal audit reports, delta analysis including action plans, etc.)
  • Matrix or overview of linking of corporate processes, IATF 16949 clauses, and customer-specific requirements.

If the transition audit reveals a nonconformity with IATF 16949, this nonconformity must be documented in the nonconformity report and closed by the organisation within 60 days.



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