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Comprehensive risk management solutions to meet today's challenges

Risk analysis is the process of identifying and addressing possible negative issues that could affect businesses, their projects, and their employees. By becoming aware of and addressing these threats before losses occur, businesses are able to meet challenges proactively by avoiding these incidents or mitigating their effects.


What goes into a risk analysis?

Risk analysis begins by understanding your businesses’s components, needs and potential risks. A variety of factors affects the scope of your risk analysis including industry, assets, personnel needs, relevant compliance standards, location, products, and more.

Steps of a risk analysis to help development a risk management program include:

  • Identifying risk: What internal and external threats does your business face?
  • Sourcing the risk: What does or could cause these risks?
  • Measuring the risk: A risk analysis will provide a risk rating to provide qualitative and quantitative data to help manage these risks and implement any needed insurance programs.
  • Evaluating risk: Implementing an action plan to address these risks.
  • Mitigating risk: When appropriate, implementing the risk management action plan within facilities, processes, and culture.
  • Monitoring risk: Using data, modeling, and digital technologies, clients can monitor the risk management implementation, and maintenance over time.

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants' risk analysis service addresses each of the above steps and helps clients identify their unique business risks through comprehensive programs. Risk analysis services include:

By providing a thorough, customized risk consultation, TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants provides clients the ability to target their unique needs to implement the best insurance and risk management programs for their businesses.


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