Guide to Combustible Dust Safety and Compliance

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Lower Your Risk of Dust Fires

In a new update to NFPA 652, completing a Dust Hazard Analysis for existing processes and facilities is now mandatory. The latest NFPA 652 update incudes new requirements for various process equipment like air moving devices (AMDs), air materials separators (AMS), duct systems, and bulk storage enclosures.

A Dust Hazard Analysis is a critical step to protect your people and prevent tragic accidents that can severely damage your facilities. 

While NFPA 652 satisfies regulatory compliance, no one factor will prevent combustible dust explosions and fatalities. You need a comprehensive approach to safety, prevention, and protection.

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This Report explains:

  • The dangers of combustible dusts
  • NFPA 652 requirements
  • Components and benefits of a Dust Hazard Analysis
  • Other loss control strategies for avoiding combustible dust incidents

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