Solutions for an Effective Wastewater Management System

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Wastewater management

Every industry produces liquid and solid wastes with different amounts of hazardous substances and emissions to air, while water usage is intensive in textiles, leather chemical treatment processes and tanning processes. Imagine the serious health and environment concerns if wastewater is allowed to accumulate or is disposed without treatment.

Major challenges with water scarcity, treatment of waste water, channelizing the waste discharge & disposal, compliance to permit limits can hinder the goal of wastewater management. On top of these challenges, structural arrangement, engineering approach, chemicals in use, various treatment technologies are inter-dependent and attribute to energy loss and gain in the absence of simplified technology.

We'll highlight the challenges and possible solutions for an effective, overall wastewater management system.

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  • Introduction to waste water

  • Waste water guidelines
  • Types of waste water discharge and the treatment processes

  • Challenges on sampling of waste water and sludge

  • Failures and cause analysis

  • Market placed effluent treatment plants

About the speaker

Ms. Meena Mariappan

Technical Manager, Global Product Service, Research & Development

Ms. Meena Mariappan has more than 25 years of analytical experience with chemistry study background and worked in TÜV SÜD for more than 9 years. Located in Bangalore, India, she is involved in research and development activities in her present role as Technical Manager in Global Product Service, Research & Development.

She has travelled across Asia and Europe for internal audits, experience sharing programs, project executions and international conferences and is associated with national accreditation board in India. She has assessed more than 100 laboratories in the capacities of Lead & Technical Assessor ISO 17025:2017. As a Technical Certifier for TÜV SÜD Mark certification programs and an approved trainer for ZDHC Chemical Management System under ZDHC Academy, she has connected with textiles and leather industries, chemical formulators for Chemical Management System implementation programs and brand specific trainings to customers.

Raffaella SantoroMrs. Raffaella Santoro

Director of Global Strategic Solutions for Softlines, TÜV SÜD

Mrs. Raffaella Santoro is responsible for developing strategic services globally for Softlines within the Consumer Products Division in TÜV SÜD. With over 12 years of experience in the textile TIC business, her strategic focus is in developing of new solutions for global market access, sustainability and IT. Within the global market access topic, she is currently focused on developing the solution for export to Saudi Arabia, Russia and Egypt.

She is also TÜV SÜD's representative on major sustainability and product safety associations like ZDHC, SAC, ICHPSO, and supports the sales organisation by providing seminars and customer training on the strategic and new initiatives.




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