Transform Your Testing Program with the Chemical Data Management System (CDMS)


In this webinar, the Chemical Data Management System (CDMS) will be introduced. Apart from the standard, cloud-based, B2B portal functions, this innovation of TÜV SÜD makes use of artificial intelligence together with big data analysis to help the stakeholders along the chain of manufacturing to cost-effectively conduct quality assurance activities on their sourcing and/or products. Financial simulations to deliver sensible testing budgets are allowed for the first time by concurrently taking quantitative risk assessment, supplier performance, and BoM comparison into consideration.

key topics covered:

  • Live demonstration of the CDMS
  • A breakdown of The Risk Cube™ concept
  • How the CDMS can help stakeholders cope with evolving chemical safety legislation
  • The impact of CDMS on the product development cycle
  • Implications for supply chain management

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About the speaker

Dr. Raymond Lui

Dr. Raymond Lui

Global Vice President, Business Solutions, Chemical Testing and Certification, Product Service Division, TÜV SÜD

Having worked in the field of consumer product quality and safety testing in the last 15 years, Dr. Lui has rich experience across a range of interrelated topics.

His research focuses include fabrication and characterization of exotic materials.



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