ISO 9001 & AS 9100: Increased Risks Come with Increased Responsibilities

ISO 9001 vs. AS 9100: Increased Risks Come with Increased Responsibilities

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AS9100: Quality Management in the Aerospace Industry

Year after year, the aerospace industry continues to grow thanks to ever increasing demands for travel, cargo transportation and defense. Along with this growth comes the increased need for consistent quality management throughout the design, production, and post-market phases. In fact, the inherent risks in aerospace have made it necessary to develop an industry-specific quality management standard, AS9100.

AS9100 incorporates the most current version of ISO 9001 in its entirety, while building on additional safety requirements (noted in bold and italics throughout the document) established by the aerospace industry in order to satisfy the Department of Defense (DOD), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) quality requirements.

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The Report Explores:

  • ISO 9001 vs. AS9100
  • Why AS 9100 compliance is important for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers
  • How a Certification Body can help your organization achieve AS 9100 certification

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