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15th September 2020

TÜV SÜD's podcast "Safety First": Security through Zero Trust

Mitko Vasilev, technology expert in the fields of IoT, mixed reality and robotics, explains the basics of Zero Trust Architecture in this podcast episode. Zero Trust is regarded as an alternative to classic IT security concepts, which are facing growing challenges from remote access, home office and cloud applications.

Working from home, applications in the cloud and remote access to corporate networks are posing growing challenges for IT security. The coronavirus pandemic has further intensified this effect. Zero Trust Architecture is an alternative to classic network security concepts. According to Mitko Vasilev, companies seeking to base their network security design on Zero Trust may not necessarily require new technology, but need to adopt a different basic understanding and mindset.

Unlike traditional network security architecture, the basic assumption at Zero Trust is that threats will not only enter an organisation from the outside. In the Zero Trust concept, the identity of individual users is automatically and continuously verified. This is done based on identity, device and user context, so that only authorised employees have access to applications. As Vasilev explains, the data collected about user behaviour under Zero Trust is no more detailed than that already available, but it is stored and analysed in a different way. Therefore, Zero Trust Architecture is compliant with the applicable data protection laws.

TÜV SÜD's "Safety First" podcast deals with cybersecurity, data protection and more. It appears twice a month with a new episode in German or English. Anyone – employees, self-employed entrepreneurs or simply interested individuals – seeking to make the best possible use of the opportunities offered by digitisation should also be aware of its risks and able to deal with them. You can listen and subscribe to "Safety First" on the usual podcast apps and at:

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