Technical Advisory Report on Regulations and Standards for Automated and Connected Driving

Get an overview of relevant existing and upcoming standards and regulations for automated and connected driving

The complexity of automated driving lies not only in the technical challenges but also in understanding the relevant regulations, standards and studies. This includes understanding the areas which define any requirement for automated and connected driving, and whether this is relevant for the development of your product. The various standards and regulations influence the established management systems and functional requirements as well as test and validation methods.

This Technical Advisory Report provides you with a holistic overview of relevant existing and upcoming standards and regulations

  • to ensure product and system conformity with mandatory requirements and
  • to implement those requirements already during the development process.

Our report will help you to increase your regulatory knowledge to avoid unnecessary delays in the market launch of new products and vehicles.

The report is aimed at established companies in the automotive or automated driving sectors, as well as those currently building a market profile in these areas.

Build up your knowledge base for the development of automated vehicles

With our report, we offer our customers the following benefits: 

  • Be prepared to meet current and future regulations and/or standards
  • Complete your product strategy with an overview of global and local markets
  • Challenge your development activities with future requirements of regulations and standards
  • Demonstrate integrity during your product life cycle through conformity and reliability
  • Confirm that your product meets relevant requirements and avoids external risk to others
  • Ensure smooth market entry and type approval
  • View a bundled presentation of regulatory activities and new regulations from the perspective of an independent third party
  • Gain access to a topic-specific summary of standards
  • Understand aspects of functional safety, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and vehicle safety

The structure of our Technical Advisory Report

The following graphic provides an overview of the report, which is divided into three basic parts:

  • The first part addresses regulatory activities - this primarily highlights the UNECE by addressing global markets and specific legal requirements.
  • The second part addresses normative activities - this considers topic-specific standardizations and technical references at national and international levels. 
  • The third part is a topic-specific section - this contains references to studies and white papers relevant to the topic.

Each chapter of the report starts with a summary of the topic and interpretations of key issues. This is followed by an overview of all relevant regulations, standards and studies, which are explained further in individual fact sheets.

Structure of the Technical Advisory Report

Scope and Markets Covered

  • Scope: The report covers, among others, aspects of functional safety, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and vehicle safety. It is regularly reviewed to ensure that you are continuously updated.
  • Markets: Legislation from Europe, Asia, America

Technical Advisory Report - Our three packages

Technical advisory report-company licence 

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TÜV SÜD is your competent partner supporting you with up-to-date knowledge about market regulations and standards

Standards, as well as regulations, are continuously discussed and published on various international platforms. It is important to remain up-to-date to tackle the challenge of future conformities. The advantage of working with TÜV SÜD is to have a partner who is:

Represented in or has insight into a large number of committees and knowledge platforms.

Committed to its mission in the field of new technologies, such as automated driving, and is thus represented in various working groups and committees.

The competent partner that will provide you with the necessary overview, as we have been working with and applying standards and regulations since our foundation.


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